Chapter 42

Chapter 42: That Land Will Become a Treasure Trove in the Future! “I don’t have 500 million, but I still have 300 million! Give me a little more time, not even a month, I can gather 500 million and there shouldn’t be a problem buying your land, right?” Lin Beifan smiled. Chu Ruoxue was extremely… Continue reading Chapter 42

Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – The Second Female Lead Chu Ruoxue Arrives! On the second day, the second female lead Chu Ruoxue led her team and arrived at the Lin Investment Company. Lin Beifan, the owner here, warmly welcomed her, saying, “Haha! You’re very welcome, Miss Chu! Your arrival truly adds brilliance to this place!” “You flatter… Continue reading Chapter 41

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The protagonist, Xiao Chen, is sent to the hospital again! On the other hand, after great effort, the protagonist, Xiao Chen, finally escaped from the hospital. He turned around and looked at the magnificent hospital building, clenched his fist, and gritted his teeth: “Just you wait, Lin Beifan. Next time, it’ll be you… Continue reading Chapter 40

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The protagonist Xiao Chen escapes from the hospital! Around 9:00 PM, the protagonist Xiao Chen opened his eyes. There were two silver needles stuck in his rib, and he said, “The ribs haven’t completely healed yet, but thanks to my Ghost Valley Divine Needle treatment, it has been greatly relieved. The pain should… Continue reading Chapter 39

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Two protagonists, betraying each other! On that day, he entered Lin Beifan’s office with a weary expression. “Boss Lin, I’ve been feeling exhausted lately, and I need to take a few days off.” “Take some time off?” Lin Beifan appeared puzzled. “Why do you need time off?” “The work pressure has been overwhelming!… Continue reading Chapter 38

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Brother Ye, take it easy and leave some opportunities for others The protagonist, Ye Xingchen, went back with a gloomy face and said, “I don’t believe that you can always have good luck!” He turned on the computer and then shorted all the gold. The next day, the result was… “It dropped! Gold… Continue reading Chapter 37

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Making Money Again, I Love Brother Ye! Then, with a puzzled look on their faces, they watched as the gold price not only rebounded but also exceeded 1%! And in their accounts, their profits increased by another 15 million! This means that after this round trip, their gold accounts have earned a total… Continue reading Chapter 36

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Feeling Good Now, Let’s See If You Die or Not! Lin Beifan and the others arrived at the trading room. “Open up Ye Xingchen’s account and let us see what kind of trades he made and how much profit he has now!” Lin Beifan said with a smile. Following Lin Beifan’s instructions, a… Continue reading Chapter 35

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: You’re truly the God of Stocks! In this way, Lin Beifan silenced all voices of opposition and strongly supported the protagonist, Ye Xingchen. Although everyone felt discontented, they didn’t know how to dissuade him. Even Liu Rumei sighed. After all, this was the first decision made by Lin Beifan. Regardless of how absurd… Continue reading Chapter 34

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Ye, my bro, how about I give you this money? Afterward, they took a group photo. Lin Beifan said, “Brother Ye, come over here, let’s take a picture!” Ye Xingchen felt hesitant, “Isn’t it unnecessary?” “How can it be unnecessary? This is such a memorable moment. Don’t be shy, come on!” Lin Beifan… Continue reading Chapter 33