Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Why was I reborn and my senior brother is even worse? It’s happening again! Why is it happening again! In my previous life, my senior brother was treated like this, losing his job and living a mediocre life! But now that I’ve been reborn, my senior brother is even worse off! In less… Continue reading Chapter 10

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: You treat him like a brother, but he wants to kill you! “I make a wish to you, let my nerves develop, and my spirit be multiplied!” “Ding! Wish granted!” In an instant, Lin Beifan felt different. Even when a gentle breeze blew and brushed against his skin, he felt some stimulation. In… Continue reading Chapter 9

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: I’m not on a date, I’m saving a lost young man! And so, the two of them spent a pleasant dinner together. Afterward, they strolled along the riverbank, enjoying the night scenery as they digested their meal. Lin Beifan told jokes, and Song Yuqing let out a soft and delightful laughter. She discovered… Continue reading Chapter 8

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Junior Brother, you’re right, he’s really annoying! About five minutes later, Zhao Siming sat back in his seat. Just not sure if he hit a nerve or something, his foot trembled uncontrollably. “Junior Brother, I rushed here this time without enough preparation! But I have a set of specially customized silver needles at… Continue reading Chapter 7

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Senior Brother, You’ve Been Sold and Are Even Counting the Money for Him! Who did this? This question really struck a chord with the protagonist Xiao Chen’s heartache! He had thought that after being reborn, with the advantage of foresight, he would be able to reverse his tragic situation! Who would have expected… Continue reading Chapter 6

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: I Like the Way You Can’t Stand Me but Can’t Get Rid of Me! After putting down her phone, Song Yuqing felt inexplicably happy. She realized that this Lin Beifan had gained yet another advantage – he was more genuine and down-to-earth. He could joke around without any burden of being a wealthy… Continue reading Chapter 5

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: My Wife, Chase Me Again! Next, the two of them went back home separately. The next morning at 10:00, Song Yuqing and her team arrived at Lin Corporation. At the entrance, a middle-aged man with a beer belly saw Song Yuqing and his eyes lit up. He immediately approached her with a smile.… Continue reading Chapter 4

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Protagonist is Really Pitiful! “I make a wish, let me be crushed to death by a 50kg… 50kg seems a bit light, give me a 60kg beauty!” Lin Beifan devoutly made his wish. [Ding! Wish successful!] At this moment, Song Yuqing smiled faintly and said, “Excuse me, I need to use the… Continue reading Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The First Protagonist Appears, and He is Also Reborn! After drinking half a glass of wine, they finally got to the point. Song Yuqing put down her cutlery and said with a hint of anticipation and pleading, “Mr. Lin, the main reason I asked you to come out this time is because there… Continue reading Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: My Wish, Enemies Reap Double! “I back again!” In a luxurious office, a handsome young man sighed. This young man’s name is Lin Beifan, 20 years old. He traversed into a world composed of countless urban web novels and became a spendthrift small villain who was constantly shown up by the protagonist. He… Continue reading Chapter 1