Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Ye Brother, Hold on, I’ll Buff You! On the second day, the protagonist, Ye Xingchen, once again saw his flamboyant video going viral across the internet, making him feel utterly frustrated! Thankfully, this wasn’t the first time, and he had grown accustomed to it. But as he watched the video again, it was… Continue reading Chapter 60

Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Deal with Ye Xingchen for Me! In his impression, the War God, Ye Xingchen, had always been cold and aloof. He possessed terrifying skills! He had great determination! He had a domineering personality! Except for being somewhat affectionate when facing Chu Ruoxue, he was usually very serious and cold-hearted. Before his rebirth, there… Continue reading Chapter 59

Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Is This Still the War God? So Flirtatious! As soon as they stepped outside, a stunning woman chased after them. “Wait for me, I want to go too!” This person was Lin Beifan’s beautiful secretary, Liu Rumei. She stared with alluring eyes, “I promised Qingge that I would keep an eye on you… Continue reading Chapter 58

Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Beautiful Grass Everywhere, Let’s Go to the Bar and Have Fun! Lin Beifan walked into the trading room. At this moment, the protagonist, Ye Xingchen, was lying on the floor with a blank expression, looking at the ceiling, filled with confusion and despair, showing a hopeless appearance. Watching this, Lin Beifan couldn’t help… Continue reading Chapter 57

Chapter 56

Chapter 56: After all, he’s my dear friend and relative! “Thank you, Miss Chu, for comforting me. I feel much better now,” Lin Beifan sincerely said. “Exactly! If you can see it from that perspective, everything will be fine! Eight or nine out of ten things in life don’t go as we wish. Who hasn’t… Continue reading Chapter 56

Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Why Did He Betray Me When I Was So Good to Him? In the CEO office of Licheng Group, the beautiful CEO, Chu Ruoxue, was still sulking. Although she was the CEO of Licheng Group and the Chairman’s favorite, she had grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth. But even for… Continue reading Chapter 55

Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Miss Chu, Listen to My Explanation… It’s Just an Explanation! Under Chu Ruoxue’s suspicious gaze, Ye Xingchen put on a brave front. “President Chu, you can rest assured. It was just an accident before, and this time there won’t be any problem!” “Is that so?” Ye Xingchen vowed earnestly, “Absolutely! Even though I… Continue reading Chapter 54

Chapter 53

Chapter 53: No Need to Worry, Everything is Within My Expectations! “President Chu, making profits in the gold market takes some time; it won’t yield results so quickly. How about we have a drink and wait for the fruits of victory together?” “Mr. Ye, you make a lot of sense! Mr. Ye, what would you… Continue reading Chapter 53

Chapter 52

Chapter 52: The Moment of Witnessing a Miracle “I can!” Ye Xingchen proudly lifted his head. Chu Ruoxue was shocked. A mere bodyguard actually boasted that he could solve a funding problem of billions! Even the wealthy Licheng Group wouldn’t dare to say such a thing! How thick-skinned does one have to be to say… Continue reading Chapter 52

Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Lin Beifan treated you as a brother, but you betrayed him? The difference between these two situations is too big! If you are representing Lin Beifan, it can be considered quite normal, and she will treat you according to business rules. But if you are representing yourself, it’s a different story! This is… Continue reading Chapter 51