Chapter 52

Chapter 52: The Moment of Witnessing a Miracle “I can!” Ye Xingchen proudly lifted his head. Chu Ruoxue was shocked. A mere bodyguard actually boasted that he could solve a funding problem of billions! Even the wealthy Licheng Group wouldn’t dare to say such a thing! How thick-skinned does one have to be to say… Continue reading Chapter 52

Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Lin Beifan treated you as a brother, but you betrayed him? The difference between these two situations is too big! If you are representing Lin Beifan, it can be considered quite normal, and she will treat you according to business rules. But if you are representing yourself, it’s a different story! This is… Continue reading Chapter 51

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Ye Xingchen Confronts the Female Lead! After finding no success with Lin Beifan, Ye Xingchen decided to take the route of Chu Ruoxue. Though this might expose him and prevent him from continuing to stay hidden by Lin Beifan’s side, he couldn’t care about that anymore. He couldn’t bear the thought of his… Continue reading Chapter 50

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Brother Ye, You Gave Me Courage! With a loud bang, Ye Xingchen burst into Lin Beifan’s office. “Boss Lin, I heard that you’re planning to collaborate with the Licheng Group to develop that piece of land in Jiangnan?” Lin Beifan exclaimed with delight, “Brother Ye, you’re back! I was actually going to personally… Continue reading Chapter 49

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: I Rest for a Few Days, and You Cuckold Me? Zhao Tian’s heart was filled with anger! Because the one thing he hated most in his life was traitors! Although Xiao Chen and Ye Xingchen were not his subordinates, before his rebirth, they had fought together against the great demon Lin Beifan, making… Continue reading Chapter 48

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: You Traitors! In the end, Chu Ruoxue argued with reason and finally convinced Lin Beifan to increase his price to 650 million yuan. However, the condition was that not only did she have to give up the land, but also had to provide her personnel. There was no other way; Lin Beifan was… Continue reading Chapter 47

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: You Won’t Have Any Friends If You Do This! Chu Ruoxue smiled slightly, “I chose Lin Beifan because it’s the best option!” “First, compared to the newly emerged Dragon Fang Capital, we are more familiar with Lin Beifan. We all operate in the Mo Hai circle, and we see each other frequently. When… Continue reading Chapter 46

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Foolish People, Plenty of Money, Come Quickly! Li Cheng Group quickly received a response from Dragon Fang Capital. “Dragon Fang Capital, offering 800 million!” Chu Ruoxue was astonished. She didn’t expect Dragon Fang Capital to be willing to spend 800 million to buy the land she held. It must be noted that their… Continue reading Chapter 45

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: He can never forget that man! On the other hand, Dragon Fang Capital also received the news. “What? Lin Beifan from Lin Investment Company is interested in that piece of land too?” In the headquarters of Dragon Fang Capital, a handsome and imposing young man dropped his glass of red wine in shock,… Continue reading Chapter 44

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Introduction of the Protagonist, the Crooked Dragon King! However, Lin Beifan did not hold much hope in being able to obtain this piece of land. Because Chu Ruoxue was too shrewd. As long as there was a slight hint, she would grasp it tightly. When she said she needed three days to consider,… Continue reading Chapter 43