Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Ye Brother, Hold on, I’ll Buff You!

On the second day, the protagonist, Ye Xingchen, once again saw his flamboyant video going viral across the internet, making him feel utterly frustrated!

Thankfully, this wasn’t the first time, and he had grown accustomed to it.

But as he watched the video again, it was still too provocative and eye-catching!

He couldn’t understand how he ended up like this when he was drunk.

He didn’t even recognize himself!

“Sigh! I can never drink again. Absolutely, never again! If I ever drink again, I’ll just jump off the building to save myself from the embarrassment!”

Rubbing his head, he still felt a splitting headache.

So, he picked up his phone and sent a text message to Lin Beifan asking for a day off, and Lin Beifan readily agreed.

He spent the whole day sleeping and finally woke up in the evening, feeling refreshed.

However, his stomach was also growling with hunger.

So, he went downstairs to find something to eat.

After finishing his meal, he walked alone on the deserted street, hoping that the gentle breeze would clear his mind.

Suddenly, he felt a wave of killing intent rushing towards him.

From the depths of an alley, eight black-clothed men with masks appeared, surrounding him tightly.

“Who are you people? What do you want?” Ye Xingchen’s gaze turned vigilant, his muscles tensed.

Although the fight hadn’t broken out yet, he could sense that these eight people were exceptionally strong. Each of them had strength equivalent to a mercenary group’s leader, just slightly below his own!

When these eight individuals united, he felt the danger.

The first thought that crossed his mind was that Lin Beifan had sent them to kill him!

However, he quickly suppressed that idea.

He had been reborn now, and he and Lin Beifan were friends, not enemies. He had earned a lot of money for Lin Beifan, gaining his trust. It was impossible for Lin Beifan to send someone to kill him.

Besides, Lin Beifan wouldn’t resort to such despicable means.

He always used legitimate methods, operating within the boundaries of the law and ethics. He would overpower his opponents righteously, leaving them with no room to counter!

So, who were these people?

Who sent them?

Why were they after him?

Could it be his old enemies?


The black-clothed men were well-trained and launched an attack directly.

Ye Xingchen did his best to defend.

Despite his formidable strength, he couldn’t handle four hands with just two fists, let alone sixteen!

Moreover, these people were not weak!

In less than a moment, he had already taken two heavy punches.

His chest shook, feeling very uncomfortable.

He wanted to break free and escape, but the opposition was numerous and never gave him a chance.

“What should I do?” He felt extremely anxious, his mind spinning rapidly.

At this moment, he first thought of Lin Beifan.

Although he disliked Lin Beifan, he had to admit that Lin Beifan’s strength was truly formidable, even to the point of being abnormal!

If Lin Beifan were here, he would easily handle these people.

Wait a minute, Lin Beifan wasn’t far from here!

Just a moment ago, he had contacted Lin Beifan through WeChat, and Lin Beifan was having a meal nearby. He could arrive in three to four minutes.

If they teamed up, they would definitely be able to deal with these people and find out who was behind all this.

So, he immediately picked up his phone and quickly dialed Lin Beifan’s number.

The call was quickly connected, and Lin Beifan’s hearty laughter came through, “Ye Brother, calling so late, are you inviting me for a drink? Haha!”

Ye Xingchen anxiously said, “Boss Lin, I’m being chased by a group of people! I’m at the intersection by the riverside alley, hurry and save me!”

Just as he finished speaking, his phone was kicked away and shattered on the ground.

On the other end.

Lin Beifan looked at the phone that lost its sound, blinked his eyes, and Ye Xingchen was being chased?

And he even called for help?

Aren’t you the mighty War God, with such powerful strength, who could possibly beat you?


Could this be a trap?

However, the voice from the phone didn’t sound fake…

“What happened?” Song Yuqing asked with concern.

“I have an urgent matter! You stay here and eat peacefully; I’ll go and come back soon!” Lin Beifan stood up.

“Okay, go and come back quickly!”

As Lin Beifan walked, he made a call, “Hello, police officer, I just received a distress call from a friend, and he is in great danger. Please hurry to rescue him…”

After reporting to the police, Lin Beifan silently made a wish.

“Ye Brother, hold on, I’ll buff you!”

“I wish: Whenever I fight, if I get hit, the pain will be doubled! If my defense is broken, the damage will be doubled!”

“Ding! The wish is successful!”

“Ye Brother, you hold on, I’ll come to save you soon!”

After making the wish, Lin Beifan rushed to the scene at a speed of 4 kilometers per hour.

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