Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Deal with Ye Xingchen for Me!

In his impression, the War God, Ye Xingchen, had always been cold and aloof.

He possessed terrifying skills!

He had great determination!

He had a domineering personality!

Except for being somewhat affectionate when facing Chu Ruoxue, he was usually very serious and cold-hearted.

Before his rebirth, there were only a few men he admired, and the War God was one of them.

But now, at this moment, you actually made me see this?

One had to admit, this War God’s moves…

Were so saucy!

So cool!

Zhao Tian couldn’t help but sway along with the rhythm.

“He truly is someone who has practiced martial arts! This dance is so saucy yet powerful, both soft and tough, haha! I must keep this video and mock him properly in the future!”

After watching it once and feeling it wasn’t enough, he watched it again for the second time!

But apparently, the second time wasn’t enough either, so he watched it for the third time!

And then he searched online for a high-definition version…

At this moment, a knocking sound came from the door.

Zhao Tian immediately put down his phone, picked up the wine glass, and resumed his cool and dazzling Dragon King appearance, “Come in!”

A person dressed in black walked in, holding a file in his hand, and respectfully said, “Greetings, Dragon King!”

“Did something happen with Lin Beifan? Tell me!”

In order to deal with Lin Beifan, his formidable adversary, he had someone closely monitoring Lin Beifan and his company’s movements, reporting any situation immediately.

“Dragon King, indeed, a major event has happened!”

The person quickly reported, “Today, Ye Xingchen, who has been on vacation for many days, returned to Lin Investment Company! On the same day, he made frequent transactions and succeeded many times! In less than half a day, he helped Lin Beifan earn 450 million in capital!”

Zhao Tian was instantly shocked, “He helped Lin Beifan earn 450 million in half a day?”

450 million was not a small sum!

It could buy a whole high-rise building!

Even though his Zhao family was financially strong, they couldn’t come up with so much capital in a short period!

To make that much money in just a few days was even more impossible!

As a result, in less than half a day, you helped Lin Beifan earn an incredible 450 million!

Lin Beifan gained an additional 450 million, and his total assets nearly doubled, reaching over a billion. He’s even harder to deal with now!

And to think of that saucy video from earlier… He must have been so happy about making money that he went to celebrate at the bar!

You can’t make a single penny without showing off those enchanting and unrestrained dance moves!

Zhao Tian’s anger soared, and he fiercely slammed the wine glass on the ground, “You, Ye Xingchen! I was planning to spare you, but I didn’t expect you to help the tyrant Lin Beifan! Guards!”

“Dragon King!” Three more black-clothed men rushed in from outside.

Zhao Tian’s rage burned, “Immediately gather the Eight Great Vajras and deal with Ye Xingchen for me!”

One of the men exclaimed, “Dragon King, summoning the Eight Great Vajras, isn’t that underestimating Ye Xingchen too much?”

The Eight Great Vajras were top-notch experts cultivated by the Zhao family. Each one had been tempered through life and death battles, incredibly formidable, capable of taking on dozens of people alone! In ancient times, they would be considered fierce generals!

But to deal with a mere Ye Xingchen, the Dragon King actually wanted to summon all eight of them!

“You absolutely cannot underestimate Ye Xingchen!” Zhao Tian narrowed his eyes, “He’s the formidable War God, a king among mercenaries! In terms of strength, he’s definitely in the top three among everyone I’ve seen! His strength is not beneath mine!”

The black-clothed men were shocked. Their Dragon King was a martial genius, and his powerful strength intimidated everyone, which was why they willingly called him the Dragon King. But they never expected that Ye Xingchen would possess such formidable strength!

Zhao Tian twisted his neck, making cracking sounds, and his mouth involuntarily formed a wicked smile, “Eight Vajras, at most, will only injure him! But to take his life is absolutely impossible! However, I just want to teach him a lesson! I want him to know the consequences of aiding the tyrant! You may leave now!”

“Yes, Dragon King!” The black-clothed men withdrew.


“Dragon King, do you have any other instructions?” one of them asked.

“Also, if you encounter Lin Beifan, leave immediately and do not engage in battle!”

“What? Why?” Everyone was puzzled.

“Because that person… is too terrifying!” Zhao Tian’s voice was filled with dread, “I’m afraid that once the Eight Vajras go there, they won’t be able to come back!”

In his previous life, he had been furious and had acted against Lin Beifan. However, in just two or three moves, he was defeated and had his face slapped on the ground by Lin Beifan. Later, he sent over a dozen Vajras and several dozen other experts to deal with him, but Lin Beifan single-handedly defeated them all!

He was too powerful!

Too terrifying!

You never knew where his limits lay!

He was so powerful that he didn’t seem like a human!

So after his rebirth, he learned from his lesson and decided not to engage in a show of force against Lin Beifan. He didn’t want to be at a disadvantage!

“In summary, just listen to me!” Zhao Tian said firmly.

“Yes, Dragon King!”

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