Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Beautiful Grass Everywhere, Let’s Go to the Bar and Have Fun!

Lin Beifan walked into the trading room.

At this moment, the protagonist, Ye Xingchen, was lying on the floor with a blank expression, looking at the ceiling, filled with confusion and despair, showing a hopeless appearance.

Watching this, Lin Beifan couldn’t help but feel like applauding.

However, he maintained a sympathetic look on his face, slowly walking over, squatting down, and sighed, “Ye bro, why can’t you see a way out?”

Ye Xingchen showed no reaction, utterly dejected.

Lin Beifan sighed again, “I completely understand how you feel. Chu Ruoxue just called and told me everything.”

Finally, Ye Xingchen reacted.

His eyes flickered slightly, and with an expressionless face, he said, “So, are you here to drive me away?”

Since the moment he made the decision to betray, he knew he couldn’t stay here any longer. He couldn’t remain by Lin Beifan’s side, or he would miss many opportunities to take revenge.

After all, nobody likes betrayal.

But given another chance, he would still do the same!

Otherwise, he would lose his woman sooner or later!

Just that, in all his calculations, he never expected to perform so poorly in front of his beloved woman!

He lost her 50 million in just a few minutes!

At that moment, he really wanted to die!

But when he came back to test his abilities, he ended up making hundreds of millions for Lin Beifan, his archenemy!

At that moment, he wanted to die even more!

“Why would I drive you away?” Lin Beifan looked puzzled. “Isn’t it just a rejected confession? It’s not a big deal, and it doesn’t affect our work! How could I possibly drive you away because of this?”

“A rejected confession?” Ye Xingchen’s heart trembled.

Lin Beifan sighed and sat directly on the floor, saying, “Chu Ruoxue told me everything. She said you suddenly confessed to her today, and it frightened her, so she got angry and kicked you out. Then, you couldn’t bear the blow and started tormenting yourself, punishing yourself. Am I right?”

Ye Xingchen’s heart shook greatly. Ruoxue didn’t expose me!

She didn’t expose such an important matter…

Hehe, I knew it, she still has feelings for me!

In that case, I still have a chance!

Ye Xingchen seemed to come alive all of a sudden, glancing at the man in front of him with a hint of pride.

See that?

Ruoxue still has feelings for me!

Ruoxue still has feelings for me!

Ruoxue still has feelings for me!

Wait a minute!

Since Lin Beifan doesn’t know, does that mean…

I can continue to stay by his side?


It’s like having double happiness all at once!

“I am indeed the son of the heavens, and the heavens still love me dearly!

At this moment, Lin Beifan, seemingly unaware of the situation, continued to persuade, ‘Brother Ye, isn’t it just being rejected by a woman? It’s not a big deal. There are plenty of other opportunities out there. Why fixate on just one? You are incredibly wealthy now and have a bright future ahead. On top of that, you are handsome and talented, a perfect match in the eyes of many women. Even their mothers would be moved by you. Why worry about not finding another woman?’

‘All you need to do is dress well, show your worth, and then beckon with your finger. Women will come flocking to your bed! I have plenty of experience in this area!’

‘It’s not worth it to be heartbroken over a woman!’

Ye Xingchen’s heart was filled with disdain.

Could those money-seeking and shallow women be compared to Ruoxue?

I am a great war god, a king in the world of mercenaries. What kind of woman do I not have access to?

I just happen to like Ruoxue!

Elegant and aloof!

Pure as jade!

True to herself with anyone!

But when he thought about how poorly he had performed in front of her and how he was kicked out by her, sadness overwhelmed him.

He had the impulse to burst into tears!

Lin Beifan sighed, ‘It seems you still haven’t figured it out, Brother Ye! How about we go to the bar and have some fun? Getting drunk will solve any problem!’

Ye Xingchen recalled that flamboyant night.

His heart trembled, and he quickly shook his head, ‘No, absolutely not!’

‘Brother Ye, this won’t do! Do you know why Miss Chu rejected you?’


‘Because you are not bad enough!’

‘Not bad enough?’

‘In simple terms, you’re too honest!’

Lin Beifan looked like a man of experience, ‘Women these days, no matter their age, like a bit of a bad boy! By bad, I mean someone who plays when it’s time to play, drinks when it’s time to drink, does things in a carefree and confident manner, and certainly doesn’t pamper them! You’re too honest, which, in their eyes, translates to incompetence!’

Ye Xingchen thought to himself, ‘That’s right!’

Though this guy in front of him was his arch-enemy, he was undoubtedly a master in wooing women!

In his past life, he had successfully charmed many exceptional women, including his beloved Ruoxue!

His experience was truly valuable!

If I could learn his techniques, would Ruoxue still be able to slip away from my grasp?

Besides, he genuinely felt hurt and wanted to drown his sorrows in alcohol!

‘Alright, I’ll go with you!’

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