Chapter 56

Chapter 56: After all, he’s my dear friend and relative!

“Thank you, Miss Chu, for comforting me. I feel much better now,” Lin Beifan sincerely said.

“Exactly! If you can see it from that perspective, everything will be fine! Eight or nine out of ten things in life don’t go as we wish. Who hasn’t encountered a few scumbags in their lifetime?” Chu Ruoxue said with a smile, feeling a great sense of accomplishment inside.

“President Chu, can I ask you for a favor?” Lin Beifan said.

“What is it? Just tell me! As long as it’s not something too difficult, I’ll promise you!” Chu Ruoxue replied.

Lin Beifan hesitated for a moment and said, “It’s like this, can we pretend that this thing never happened?”

“What do you mean?” Chu Ruoxue was confused.

“Let’s pretend that he never came to you, never told you about the land, as if nothing happened at all. Can we do that?” Lin Beifan asked with a hint of hope.

“What do you mean? Are you planning to forgive him and overlook everything he did, maintaining your previous relationship?” Chu Ruoxue exploded, her temper flaring.

“Yes, I hope President Chu can understand!” Lin Beifan said earnestly.

Chu Ruoxue’s emotions were turbulent, “Why would you keep someone so heartless and untrustworthy by your side?”

With a sorrowful sigh, Lin Beifan replied, “After all, he’s my dear friend and relative!”

Chu Ruoxue seemed to have understood Lin Beifan’s helplessness.

Lin Beifan truly considered Ye Xingchen as a close brother, someone he cared deeply for.

So, even though he knew that Ye Xingchen had betrayed him, he was unwilling to expose him, trying hard to maintain the fragile surface relationship, not wanting to burst this bubble of illusion.

Unexpectedly, this playboy turned out to be someone who valued emotions and loyalty!

Chu Ruoxue had a completely new impression of Lin Beifan!

A man who valued emotions and loyalty earned many points in a woman’s eyes!

Compared to someone like Ye Xingchen, who lacked emotions and had a deceitful heart, he was the most despised!

Chu Ruoxue waved her hand in annoyance, “Forget it, forget it. This matter has nothing to do with me! Since you insist, I’ll comply! But let me give you one more piece of advice: he really isn’t worth trusting! If he can betray you once, he can do it twice, three times, or countless times. He doesn’t see you as a true brother!”

“Thank you, President Chu, for understanding! Regardless of whether he sees me as a brother or not, he will always be my brother!”

“President Chu, did you call to discuss the price of that land again? I’m not in a good mood now. Can we discuss it again in a couple of days?” Lin Beifan asked.

“Sure, no problem! By the way, I forgot to ask something. Is Ye Xingchen really an investment genius? I observed his abilities, and they seem quite different from the rumors we usually hear!” Chu Ruoxue subtly probed to confirm her suspicions.

Lin Beifan sighed, “It’s all in the past. Please don’t ask anymore!”

With that sentence, Chu Ruoxue took it as confirmation.

After hanging up the phone, Chu Ruoxue wrote down the name “Ye Xingchen” on a piece of paper and drew a big “×” over it.

On the other side, Lin Beifan ended the call, completely unaffected in his mood.

He had known all along that Ye Xingchen would not be able to resist going to see Chu Ruoxue.

Because once this cooperation plan was achieved, his leading lady would depart, and it would also mark the beginning of his downfall.

So, he would undoubtedly do everything in his power to sabotage it, even if it meant revealing the true value of that piece of land.

Although it would cause him to lose some money, it was well within his limits.

He was merely taking advantage of his wife, moving money from the left pocket to the right!

No matter how he maneuvered it, it was still his own money!

But Ye Xingchen would suffer significant losses.

“Ruoxue is a very proud woman, and the thing she hates the most is betrayal. She doesn’t tolerate even a speck of dust in her eyes! By coming to her like this, you practically wrote ‘traitor’ all over your face! I’m afraid she has already marked you with a big ‘×,’ disgusted to the extreme!” Lin Beifan chuckled softly.

At that moment, Lin Beifan suddenly wanted to see how Ye Xingchen was doing.

He leisurely walked out of his office and found everyone whispering outside the trading room.

“What’s going on, everyone?” Lin Beifan curiously walked over.

One of them said, “Mr. Lin, we don’t know what happened, but when Mr. Ye came back, he started aggressively trading gold, crude oil, and so on. He has already made over 400 million yuan!”

Lin Beifan felt delighted hearing that, “He made over 400 million yuan! Ye bro is really diligent today. Returning from vacation has indeed changed him! Isn’t this a good thing? Why does everyone look so… concerned?”

“We are happy that he’s making money, of course! But Mr. Ye doesn’t seem too happy. His emotions became increasingly agitated, and in the end, he seemed to have a breakdown and chased us all out, staying alone in the trading room! We are all very worried about him!”

“I see. I’ll go check on him!” Lin Beifan sighed and then walked into the trading room.

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