Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Why Did He Betray Me When I Was So Good to Him?

In the CEO office of Licheng Group, the beautiful CEO, Chu Ruoxue, was still sulking.

Although she was the CEO of Licheng Group and the Chairman’s favorite, she had grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth. But even for her, 50 million yuan was not a small amount. It had taken her years to save up that pocket money, and now, in just a few minutes, it was all gone.

Even worse, she didn’t spend the money herself; someone else lost it.

Right under her nose.

Swipe, swipe, and in less than a few minutes, it was all gone!

Just thinking about it made her feel suffocated.

“Damn Ye Xingchen!”

“Can’t accomplish anything, but excels in failures!”

“He’s clearly a useless guy with no abilities, yet he still tries to act like a big shot! If it weren’t for the good news he brought me, I would have kicked him out long ago!”

“Don’t let me see you again!”

After venting her anger, Chu Ruoxue fell into contemplation.

The situation was clear now—Ye Xingchen had no investment ability whatsoever.

He was just acting recklessly!

Even more so than an outsider like her!

However, his abilities were hyped up as extraordinary, and he did manage to multiply the investments of the company within just half a month, proving that there must be someone behind him with extraordinary skills!

And this person could only be…

“Lin Beifan!”

“Rumors inside Lin Investment Company suggest that Lin Beifan is an investment genius, second only to Ye Xingchen! Almost all the stocks he traded rose significantly!”

“Moreover, even when Ye Xingchen was on leave, Lin Investment Company continued to grow rapidly, accumulating hundreds of millions of funds in just a few days! The mastermind behind this is Lin Beifan!”

“Lin Beifan has been extremely kind to Ye Xingchen, even closer than real brothers! So, it’s not impossible that he guided Ye Xingchen and let him take credit for the success!”

“But this Ye Xingchen is different; not only is he ungrateful, but he also sponged off all my private funds!”

“He’s really… scum!!!”

Chu Ruoxue easily deduced the truth behind the matter.

She was particularly disdainful of someone who had left under such circumstances.

She couldn’t understand how this guy had the audacity to come to her and act courteously. He not only betrayed his benefactor but shamelessly claimed credit for their achievements?

Such a person had crossed all moral boundaries!

It’s better to have less contact with him in the future!

“It seems that I need to continue cooperating with Lin Beifan; he’s the real financial expert! With him, the funds won’t be cut off! However, we’ll need to renegotiate the price for this piece of land!”

With this in mind, Chu Ruoxue picked up her phone and dialed Lin Beifan’s number.

As the call connected, she heard Lin Beifan’s cheerful laughter, “Miss Chu, why are you calling at this hour? Are you planning to invite me out for dinner?”

“Lin Beifan, you kept this from me, and it was so hard for me to find out!” Chu Ruoxue said with a playful smile, “The government is planning to designate an economic development zone in the south, and the land there is about to appreciate in value! So, you wanted to buy this piece of land from me at a low price, am I right?”

There was surprise in the voice on the other end of the call, “How did you know? Who told you?”

Chu Ruoxue became even happier, having finally taken the initiative with Lin Beifan after calling him so many times.

“I have my own sources of information!” Chu Ruoxue didn’t reveal Ye Xingchen’s involvement. After all, he had leaked the information to her, bringing her significant benefits, and it felt somewhat unethical to expose him.

She was not as unscrupulous as Ye Xingchen; she had her own moral principles.

A sorrowful sigh came from the phone, “Did Ye Xingchen tell you?”

Chu Ruoxue was taken aback.

She hadn’t said anything, yet the other person had guessed it right away.

Chu Ruoxue didn’t fully admit it, “Why him? Couldn’t it be Dragon Fang Capital?”

“Because Dragon Fang Capital wanted to cooperate with you before but didn’t tell you the reason! After cutting off the cooperation, it became even less likely! So, this information could only have leaked from my side!”

“And this information, I only told Ye Xingchen!”

“Ah!” A heart-wrenching sigh came through the phone.

Chu Ruoxue didn’t know what to say; she couldn’t even utter comforting words.

She felt that the person on the other end of the call must be feeling very heartbroken.

After all, being betrayed by the person closest and most trusted was not something anyone could easily bear!

Putting oneself in their shoes, if one were betrayed by their siblings, they would undoubtedly feel deeply hurt as well!

“Don’t think too much about it! Look at it from a different perspective. At least, you’ve seen his true face, and that can help you avoid many losses!” Chu Ruoxue comforted gently.

“I know, but I still can’t get over this in my heart! I just can’t understand why, when I treated him so well and considered him my close brother, giving him everything he needed, why did he treat me like this?” Lin Beifan’s voice was filled with helplessness and confusion.

“Some people just know others on the surface but not their hearts; they are naturally malicious!” Chu Ruoxue said, filled with resentment, “It’s like a farmer and a snake, or Dongguo Xi and the wolf! No matter how well you treat him, he won’t be grateful. If given the chance, he’ll even bite you back! Don’t be angry for such a person; they’re not worth it in this world!”

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