Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Miss Chu, Listen to My Explanation… It’s Just an Explanation!

Under Chu Ruoxue’s suspicious gaze, Ye Xingchen put on a brave front.

“President Chu, you can rest assured. It was just an accident before, and this time there won’t be any problem!”

“Is that so?”

Ye Xingchen vowed earnestly, “Absolutely! Even though I lost 50% previously, I’ll quickly make it back for you! Such a small amount of money is nothing to me!”

At that moment, the gold market suddenly plummeted with a swoosh.

In the blink of an eye, it dropped 1%, causing a paper loss of 20%!

This meant Chu Ruoxue lost another 10 million yuan!

Ye Xingchen: “…”

Chu Ruoxue: “…”

This time, Ye Xingchen was genuinely panicking.

Since he started trading gold, he had never encountered such a strange situation!

No matter how he invested, he only suffered losses, and they were huge losses!

“What’s going on? Why did it drop? Clearly, it’s good news, and the market was bullish on gold, so why did it fall like this? It’s completely contrary to scientific principles…”

In that very moment, gold took another dive, dropping by another 1%.

Chu Ruoxue was left with only 10 million yuan in her account.

Ye Xingchen: “…”

Clutching her chest, Chu Ruoxue had never felt so thrilled.

The money she was making was like a rollercoaster ride!

If she wasn’t careful, her 40 million yuan would disappear without a trace!

The whole process took less than a few minutes!

The speed of losing money was faster than her real estate investments!

Ye Xingchen nervously said, “President Chu, listen to my explanation. The situation shouldn’t be like this…”

Chu Ruoxue roared, “Stop talking nonsense and close the positions for me!”

“Oh, okay…”

Ye Xingchen hurriedly manipulated the mouse, preparing to hit the close button.

Then, with another swoosh, the gold price plunged again!

The capital account was wiped out completely.

Ye Xingchen: “…”

Chu Ruoxue: “…”

Well, no need to close anymore. The market had made the decision for him!

Ye Xingchen raised his head in a daze, meeting Chu Ruoxue’s beautiful eyes filled with anger.

He had lost a whole 50 million yuan in just a moment!

Not a single cent was left!

She lost her private savings in the blink of an eye!

Chu Ruoxue was so angry that she wanted to kill someone!

Ye Xingchen struggled, “President Chu, listen to my explanation… Oh no, listen to me, let me explain…”

“Alright, Mr. Ye, you don’t need to explain. I’ve already seen your abilities! It’s truly a miracle, I’ve never seen such a fast way to lose money! Even if I burn 50 million yuan, it would at least last me a night! But with you, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you managed to wipe out all my money! It’s really impressive, very impressive indeed!”

Ye Xingchen lowered his head, “President Chu, I can compensate you the money…”

“No need, Mr. Ye!”

Chu Ruoxue took a deep breath, trying to remain as calm as possible.

“Mr. Ye, thank you for bringing me good news about that piece of land! As for the 50 million yuan, let’s consider it as me paying for this information. No need for you to compensate!”

“Now, I’m in a bad mood, please leave!”

Ye Xingchen was anxious, “President Chu, listen to me, this is not my usual performance, the situation is not like this…”

At that moment, the secretary walked over, “Mr. Ye, please, don’t make things difficult for us!”

In the end, Ye Xingchen was politely escorted out of Licheng Group.

Ye Xingchen couldn’t understand. Usually, when he traded on his own, no matter what he bought or sold, he would make money. Why was it different here?

He had embarrassed himself in front of his goddess!

He couldn’t figure it out, so he hurriedly rushed back to Lin Investment Company.

He opened his own capital account.

He went all in, buying long positions.

In less than a moment, gold skyrocketed.

“Wow! Mr. Ye is truly remarkable, he hit the mark again!”

“Such amazing trading skills!”

“This deal earned us several billion again!”

Ye Xingchen was still not convinced. He immediately closed the positions and then went all in on short positions.

After a while, gold started to decline.

“Gold is falling, and Mr. Ye hit the mark again!”

“So accurate, so incredible!”

“He brought us another few million!”

Ye Xingchen was still angry and decided to reverse his strategy.

“Wow! Gold is rising, and Mr. Ye hit the mark again!”

“So impressive, making money with every move!”

“Who else can compare to Mr. Ye?”

“Why does it work here, but not over there?” Ye Xingchen’s heart was filled with anger, and he continued to trade frantically.

After several attempts, amazingly, he didn’t make a single mistake, and he made money in every trade.

The trading room was filled with sounds of admiration.

“I admire Mr. Ye the most!”

“So skillful in his operations!”

“Mr. Ye is so diligent today, he helped us earn 100 million!”

“The bonus will be doubled again!”

“Haha, Boss Lin must be overjoyed!”

Ye Xingchen: “Fuckt!”

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