Chapter 53

Chapter 53: No Need to Worry, Everything is Within My Expectations!

“President Chu, making profits in the gold market takes some time; it won’t yield results so quickly. How about we have a drink and wait for the fruits of victory together?”

“Mr. Ye, you make a lot of sense! Mr. Ye, what would you like to drink? I’ll have someone prepare it for you!”

“Anything will do! I’ll drink whatever you’re having, President Chu!”

So, the two of them drank coffee and chatted casually.

Ye Xingchen was filled with excitement.

In two lifetimes, he had never been this close to his goddess before!

And never had he shared a coffee and a chat with her!

What did this mean?

This meant that he had taken a big step forward!

He was one step closer to victory!

Ye Xingchen looked at the beautiful face in front of him and couldn’t help but daydream again.

After making a profit, Ruoxue would definitely look at him with admiration.

She would value him greatly, admire him, and entrust him with all her money to manage.

With that money, he would roam the financial market and earn enough funds for his beloved to develop that piece of land in Jiangnan.

Then, as they spent more time together, they would naturally come together.

Happy ending!

A joyful conclusion!

As for Lin Beifan, he can just stay wherever he’s comfortable!

“This is the right way for the protagonist!” Ye Xingchen sighed.

However, the gold market was ever-changing.

Just as he was daydreaming, gold suddenly surged by one percentage point!

Ye Xingchen had gone all-in on shorting gold, using a leverage of 20 times, and he hadn’t set a stop-loss point.

As a result, Chu Ruoxue’s account showed a floating loss of 20%, resulting in a loss of 10 million.

Chu Ruoxue turned to look at Ye Xingchen, “Mr. Ye, this…”

Ye Xingchen was somewhat surprised; he had never encountered such a situation before.

He had executed dozens of trades before, and none of them were profitable. Usually, as soon as he bought in, the market started to go against him.

Although a bit surprised, he remained calm in front of his goddess. “Don’t worry, this is just normal market fluctuations; everything is within my expectations! Just wait and see, it will soon drop back down!”

“If Mr. Ye says so, then I’ll wait and see!” Chu Ruoxue smiled and nodded.

However, he was quickly proven wrong once again.

Gold surged by another percentage point.

Chu Ruoxue’s account showed a floating loss of 40%, resulting in a loss of 20 million.

Ye Xingchen: “…”

Chu Ruoxue couldn’t sit still and said, “Mr. Ye, what’s the situation?”

At this point, Ye Xingchen also felt a bit panicked.

Why was it going up again?

Why was it different from his usual trades?

Normally, he would buy and make a profit without worrying about gains and losses.

But today, the gold market…

Seemed a bit abnormal!

Still, in front of his goddess, he acted calm. “This is very normal! Gold’s daily fluctuations usually stay between 1% to 2%, and now it has risen by 2%, it will soon drop back down!”

“Really?” Chu Ruoxue began to doubt.

“Really! Otherwise, how could I have helped the Lin Investment Company make billions?” Ye Xingchen said confidently.

Thinking about this, Chu Ruoxue felt a bit reassured.

However, it seemed like fate had something against a certain someone.

Just as he finished speaking, gold rose another 0.5 percentage point.

Chu Ruoxue’s floating loss reached 50%!

This meant she lost 25 million!

Ye Xingchen: “Damn it!”

This was like a slap in the face!

Chu Ruoxue couldn’t sit still.

25 million is a lot of money, okay?

Although she was a wealthy heiress and the beautiful CEO of Licheng Group, she knew how hard it was to earn money.

How could she bear losing 25 million in less than the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee?

“Mr. Ye, are you sure gold will still drop back?” she asked.

Ye Xingchen weakly replied, “It should, right?”

“In such a short time, gold has surged by 2.5%. From what I know, such a sharp rise in gold is definitely due to major positive news that excites the market sentiment. It won’t drop until this excitement subsides. Look, there’s a piece of good news being broadcasted on the market!” Chu Ruoxue pointed to the computer screen, where a positive news headline about gold was scrolling.

A certain country was preparing to print more money, causing its currency value to drop, and thus, gold surged.

Ye Xingchen was dumbfounded.

In a panic, he said, “I’m sorry, President Chu, I didn’t foresee this; it happened too suddenly! It’s not my fault, it’s the market. Now, I’ll go long on gold!”

Ye Xingchen closed all his short positions in gold.

Then, once again, he went all-in, going long on gold.

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