Chapter 52

Chapter 52: The Moment of Witnessing a Miracle

“I can!” Ye Xingchen proudly lifted his head.

Chu Ruoxue was shocked. A mere bodyguard actually boasted that he could solve a funding problem of billions!

Even the wealthy Licheng Group wouldn’t dare to say such a thing!

How thick-skinned does one have to be to say that?

“I’m really curious now, how do you plan to solve this funding problem for me?”

“Of course, through investment!” Ye Xingchen said confidently, “President Chu, I am very skilled in investment, especially in futures products such as gold and crude oil. Basically, whatever I invest in, I win! Without me, there wouldn’t be the Lin Investment Group today!”

The latter statement was filled with confidence!

As the protagonist reborn, he was that awesome!

Chu Ruoxue nodded and smiled, “Mr. Ye’s talent is well-known, truly admirable!”

Ye Xingchen became even more proud, “So, even if you won’t cooperate with him, you can cooperate with me! If you give me some money, I can continuously generate money from the financial market. This way, won’t the funding problem be solved?”

At this moment, Ye Xingchen began to fantasize about a bright future.

In his previous life, Lin Beifan had gotten closer and closer to Chu Ruoxue, eventually being together.

Now that he has been reborn, he became this protagonist.

I’ll help Ruoxue earn money, she’ll use the money to develop that area, and naturally, as we spend more time together, we’ll naturally come together, and then hehehe…

“You make a very valid point!” Chu Ruoxue interrupted Ye Xingchen’s daydreaming.

“I wonder, what does Mr. Ye want in return for such hard work? Or rather, what do I need to give in order to receive your help, Mr. Ye?”

“I don’t have many demands, I just purely want to help you!” Ye Xingchen affectionately said.

Is this considered as his first confession in two lifetimes?

How exciting!

How thrilling!

War God Ye Xingchen’s cheeks rarely turned red.


She should be deeply moved now, right?

Chu Ruoxue’s expression remained emotionless, but she chuckled in her heart.

Another simping dog!

He really hit the jackpot with his handsome appearance!

As a strong-willed woman, she only admired the strong.

She would never spare a glance for a pathetic simping man without any dignity.

If it weren’t for the other party’s usefulness, she would kick him out immediately.

Chu Ruoxue politely said, “Thank you, Mr. Ye! I’ve always heard that you are so knowledgeable in the financial market and never fail! I wonder if I have the chance to witness Mr. Ye’s talent?”

“Of course, no problem!” Ye Xingchen became excited. It was his turn to show off!

Next was the astonishing technique that would win Chu Ruoxue over!

Chu Ruoxue took out a laptop and opened an account, handing it to Ye Xingchen.

“This is my capital account, with over 50 million yuan! This account can buy any securities. Usually, I use it to earn some pocket money! Now, I’ll trouble Mr. Ye!”

Chu Ruoxue’s eyes flickered, and she had a slight expectation in her heart.

If the other party truly had real talent, then she could make good use of it!

To avoid always being led by Lin Beifan!

If not…

“No problem!” Ye Xingchen nodded.

Facing the laptop, Ye Xingchen opened the trading interface for gold futures and sold everything without hesitation.

His actions were swift and decisive, without any dawdling!

Chu Ruoxue was immediately shocked, “You…you…you actually sold everything, without keeping a single cent?”

Although she wasn’t involved in finance, she knew that in margin trading, one couldn’t invest all the money in the account.

For example, in her gold futures account, she used a leverage of 20 times.

This meant that if there was a 5% loss, her account would be liquidated!

The gold market was ever-changing, and a slight mistake could result in a total loss!

Even those trading masters wouldn’t dare to go all-in!

But the other party did?

Was he ignorant or too confident?

Ye Xingchen remained calm and, with a hint of arrogance, said, “Ms. Chu, don’t worry. I also do the same thing at Lin Investment Company! This is the only way to make more money! I have done dozens of trades and haven’t suffered a loss! Ms. Chu, just watch and see! Next…”

Ye Xingchen’s eyes sparkled with wisdom, full of confidence. “It’s time to witness a miracle!”

Upon hearing that the other party did the same thing at Lin Investment Company, Chu Ruoxue’s heart calmed down slightly.

“I’m also looking forward to this miracle!”

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