Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Ye Xingchen Confronts the Female Lead!

After finding no success with Lin Beifan, Ye Xingchen decided to take the route of Chu Ruoxue.

Though this might expose him and prevent him from continuing to stay hidden by Lin Beifan’s side, he couldn’t care about that anymore.

He couldn’t bear the thought of his woman once again being embraced by the other man’s arms.

In the CEO’s office of Licheng Group.

“Prediction Chu, Ye Xingchen from Lin Investment Company has come to visit. He says it’s about an important matter!”

Chu Ruoxue was quite surprised, “Ye Xingchen… He’s come to find me?”

She knew this person very well; he was instrumental in the rise of Lin Investment Company.

Originally just an ordinary bodyguard by Lin Beifan’s side, he was promoted and excelled in the financial market under Lin Beifan’s guidance.

Having a terrifying investment sense, he made money in gold and oil trading without fail.

In just a short ten days, he earned the Lin Investment Company 300 million yuan.

He was truly an incredibly talented individual!

She never expected him to come find her!

Chu Ruoxue was very curious about this person, “I have some time now; let’s meet him!”

After receiving Chu Ruoxue’s consent, Ye Xingchen finally entered the Licheng Building.

As he looked at the familiar scenes within the building, he felt a surge of emotions and memories flood his mind.

“I’m back!”

Before his rebirth, he worked here as a security guard.

Originally, he had only wanted to spend some relaxed and leisurely days, but he unexpectedly encountered Chu Ruoxue, the beautiful and charismatic CEO of Licheng Group.

Her stunningly beautiful face and graceful figure were constantly lingering in his mind.

At that moment, he had decided that she was the woman he wanted to protect for the rest of his life!

Only such a woman deserved to be with his persona as the God of War!

However, just when he was about to make further moves, that despicable Lin Beifan appeared, using sweet words to steal his woman away and destroy everything he had worked for.

Ye Xingchen clenched his fists tightly.

“This time, I will not lose!”

“Ruoxue, only I, the God of War, am worthy of you!”

“Only I can bring you happiness!”

Guided by the secretary, Ye Xingchen finally stepped into the CEO’s office.

Then, he saw that enchanting face that haunted his dreams!

It was as perfect and flawless as in his past life!

At that moment, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning, standing frozen in place, trembling slightly all over!

At this moment, he desperately wanted to embrace the beauty in front of him and softly say to her, “Ruoxue, I’m here! This time, I will definitely make you leave from his side!”

Chu Ruoxue felt that Ye Xingchen seemed a bit strange.

As soon as he stepped into the room, he froze, unable to move, and his body couldn’t help but tremble. Especially with that affectionate gaze, it made her feel extremely nauseated… and a little disgusted!

She had encountered lecherous men before, but someone as obvious and pure as him was a first!

A sense of disgust inexplicably arose in her heart!

So, with an icy tone, she said, “Mr. Ye, I’ve heard of your name for a long time. Please have a seat!”

Ye Xingchen snapped back to reality, “Oh, sure, sure…”

He sat down a bit awkwardly. But then he reminded himself that he was the mighty God of War, having experienced all sorts of situations; there was no need to feel awkward.

“Mr. Ye, I have truly heard a lot about you! When I visited Lin Investment Company before, both Mr. Lin and others couldn’t stop praising you. They said you were a genius in investments, with an incredibly accurate eye, never making losses whether it was in gold or crude oil futures trading! You are truly remarkable!” Chu Ruoxue flattered.

Ye Xingchen was overjoyed inside. This was the first time in two lifetimes that his crush, Chu Ruoxue, had praised him! It was like a sweet sensation flowing through his heart.

So, feeling a bit inflated, he couldn’t help but raise his head and chest proudly, saying, “Miss… President Chu, you flatter me! Actually, to me, it’s nothing much!”

Chu Ruoxue frowned slightly. This Ye Xingchen was truly too immodest!

In just a few days, he turned 100 million yuan into more than 300 million yuan. He claimed it was nothing much, then what could be considered something significant?

An idiom came to her mind: a small man becomes arrogant when he attains a bit of success!

Unconsciously, she compared him to Lin Beifan. Although Lin Beifan was a playboy, he was excellent in dealing with people.

He always remained humble, attributing his success to his subordinates. He often mentioned Ye Xingchen as if he were a dear brother, willing to delegate power, give money, and constantly showed care and praise.

She respected him as a leader for achieving this level of conduct.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to attain that level if she were in his position.

So, looking at the person in front of her, her tone became a bit indifferent, “Mr. Ye, I have a question I want to ask you.”

“President Chu, please go ahead! I will speak the truth and be thorough in my answers!” Ye Xingchen straightened up.

“I want to know if your visit this time was authorized by Mr. Lin, or if you came on your own accord?”

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