Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Brother Ye, You Gave Me Courage!

With a loud bang, Ye Xingchen burst into Lin Beifan’s office.

“Boss Lin, I heard that you’re planning to collaborate with the Licheng Group to develop that piece of land in Jiangnan?”

Lin Beifan exclaimed with delight, “Brother Ye, you’re back! I was actually going to personally tell you this good news, but I didn’t expect you to find out in advance! Yes, we are indeed preparing to collaborate with the Licheng Group!”

Ye Xingchen became anxious, “Boss Lin, you absolutely can’t do this!”

Lin Beifan was puzzled, “Why not?”

“Boss Lin, the global economy is currently in recession, and the real estate industry, which relies on capital, is hit the hardest! It’s not worth it for us to enter the real estate industry at this time!”

“Strange, didn’t you suggest that I invest in real estate before?”

Ye Xingchen: “…”

Ye Xingchen quickly backtracked, “Yes, I did suggest it before, but after further consideration, I realized that the real estate industry is really not a good idea! Especially that piece of land in Jiangnan, it’s located in the outskirts of the city, with no infrastructure or amenities nearby. It simply has no investment value! Why should we spend money on such a worthless piece of land?”

“Currently, that land may indeed have little value, but it might not be the case in the future!”

Lin Beifan spread out a city map, saying, “Look, this is the map of our Mo Hai City! Almost all the flat areas on this side have been developed, except for this piece in the south!”

“As one of the economic centers of the country and an internationally top-tier metropolis, Mo Hai City will undoubtedly continue to develop! But with all the available land used up, where do you think we can expand?”

“Only towards this southern region!”

“So, by acquiring it in advance, I’m making a preemptive move!”

Ye Xingchen couldn’t help but admire Lin Beifan’s vision.

In a few months, this flat land would be designated as a national-level economic development zone, and a period of rapid growth would follow.

In his previous life, Lin Beifan had taken a similar gamble on this land and soared to success because of it.

However, as enemies, Ye Xingchen had to put an end to this cooperation.

He couldn’t let the other side rise, and he certainly couldn’t let Lin Beifan be with the woman he loved.

“Boss Lin, your analysis does make some sense! However, the amount of capital needed for this land is too huge, and we’ve only just started to develop. We simply can’t afford it! So, I think I’ll pass on this opportunity. We should focus more on the capital market; that’s where our main battlefield lies!”

Lin Beifan nodded, “The required capital is indeed substantial, but it can still be solved!”

Ye Xingchen was puzzled, “Solved? How? We don’t have that much capital!”

“We don’t have it now, but who’s to say we won’t in the future?” Lin Beifan said proudly, “Brother Ye, look, under your divine management in recent days, our capital has multiplied tens of times, reaching over 300 million! Give it some more time, and won’t you earn even more?”

“Yes, this piece of land indeed requires a lot of money! But as long as we earn money faster than we spend it, there won’t be a problem! Originally, I couldn’t make up my mind and was very hesitant… but the moment I thought of Brother Ye, I became full of confidence! You gave me courage, you are even greater than Emperor Jingru!”

Lin Beifan grinned and patted Ye Xingchen’s shoulder, “Our bright future depends on you, Brother Ye!”

Ye Xingchen: “…”

He felt like slapping himself a few times out of frustration!

He didn’t expect that, in the end, the root of the problem was him!

It was him who helped Lin Beifan make a fortune!

It was him who gave Lin Beifan the courage to invest!

And it was also him who personally pushed his own woman into the other’s arms!

In his mind, he roared, “Ye Xingchen! Why are you so despicable?”

At this moment, Lin Beifan patted Ye Xingchen’s shoulder again and said with a friendly expression, “Brother Ye, now that you’re back, go and make money quickly. Our bright future depends on you! Brother, feel free to make your moves; I will definitely not mistreat you!”

Ye Xingchen left Lin Beifan’s office feeling dejected.

He was thinking about how to sabotage this cooperation.

At that moment, a staff member approached respectfully and asked, “Mr. Ye, Boss Lin asked me to inquire about today’s gold market operation. What’s your plan?”

Ye Xingchen, feeling annoyed and embarrassed, exclaimed loudly, “You need to ask me about this? Go short on all our positions!”

Moments later, cheers erupted in the trading room.

“Wow! Mr. Ye is truly amazing, hitting the mark again! Gold has plunged!”

“With this move, we’ve harvested at least seven to eighty million yuan!”

“So, our capital has reached 500 million! Haha!”

“I suddenly feel that spending a few hundred million on a piece of land is not a big deal, don’t you all agree?”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking, haha!”

Ye Xingchen: “Damn it!”

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