Chapter 48

Chapter 48: I Rest for a Few Days, and You Cuckold Me?

Zhao Tian’s heart was filled with anger!

Because the one thing he hated most in his life was traitors!

Although Xiao Chen and Ye Xingchen were not his subordinates, before his rebirth, they had fought together against the great demon Lin Beifan, making them half allies.

Now, being betrayed by allies, how could his heart feel at ease?

“Xiao Chen! Ye Xingchen! In consideration of our past friendship, I’ll let you go for now! But if you continue to be stubborn and aid the tiger, I won’t be lenient!”

Zhao Tian held a wine glass, with his back turned to everyone. “Keep a close eye on Lin Beifan and the Lin Corporation’s every move. Report immediately if anything happens!”

“Yes, Dragon King!” everyone replied in unison.

On the other side, after a few days of psychological healing, the second protagonist, Ye Xingchen, finally returned.

“Good morning, Mr. Ye!”

“Mr. Ye, welcome back. You look really energetic!”

“We were looking forward to your return!”

On the way, everyone greeted him warmly, and Ye Xingchen responded with a smile.

After a few days of rest, he had recovered and also realized that the reason he made money just as Lin Beifan did was not due to Lin Beifan’s luck but his own. As a reincarnator and a main character, the whole world revolved around him, naturally resulting in extraordinary luck, enabling him to make money through various means.

It was just an accident that he inadvertently helped Lin Beifan.

“There’s nothing I can do. As the protagonist, I’m just that awesome!”

After understanding this, he felt much more comfortable and relaxed.

“So in the future, I should be less impulsive!”

“At the same time, I can use my current identity and position to gain his trust, then deceive him into investing in those doomed-to-fail industries, making him spit out everything he earned, principal and interest, in one go!”

With this optimistic mood, he arrived at the company.

Looking at the beautiful receptionist, he couldn’t help but smile and ask, “Did we make money again these days? Everyone seems so happy!”

“Hello, Mr. Ye. Yes, we did make some money these past few days! In your absence, under Mr. Lin’s leadership, we earned over 100 million!” the receptionist replied with a smile.

Though he found Lin Beifan irritating, he couldn’t deny that Lin Beifan was indeed formidable in the field of financial investments!

However, compared to this Heaven’s Chosen Son, there’s still no comparison!

Took several days to earn just over 100 million…

Compared to someone like him who makes hundreds of millions in a few days, it’s far from enough!

“But, all of us were eagerly anticipating Mr. Ye’s return! Because when you were here, we made even more money! Even our Boss Lin kept saying all day long, ‘It won’t work without you!’” This statement made Ye Xingchen very pleased.

Look at this, this is the treatment of a Heaven’s Chosen Son, praised wherever he goes!

Nothing can be done about it!

“But, the real reason we are so happy is not just about this matter!” the beautiful receptionist added.

“Oh? Then what else is it about? Tell me!” Ye Xingchen became curious.

“Mr. Ye, during your absence, our Boss Lin has formed a connection with Chu Ruoxue, the beautiful president of Licheng Group. They’ve decided to cooperate in developing the area in the Jiangnan region together!”

The receptionist spoke excitedly, “According to Mr. Lin, that piece of land will be a treasure trove in the future, bringing us a continuous stream of substantial profits! The company is developing better and better, so we are all very happy!”

“Mr. Ye, don’t you think this is good news?”

Upon hearing this, protagonist Ye Xingchen’s mindset exploded.

How is this good news?

It’s simply the worst news imaginable!

Damn it!

You, Lin Beifan!

I just took a few days off to eat hotpot and sing some songs, and you turned around and cuckold me?

Though I’m not completely cuckold yet, it’s almost there!

In their previous lives, they came together because of this piece of land.

With sweet words, the other guy deceived his beloved woman and took her for himself.

Meanwhile, he, the God of War, could only watch helplessly as she fell into the arms of the enemy, unable to do anything!

After his rebirth, his plan was to first take revenge on Lin Beifan, the archenemy, and then live together with his beloved Chu Ruoxue, raising a chubby child, leading a happy life together.

Who would have thought that before I could take revenge, this damn bastard would put a bright green hat on me again!

And it’s the same green hat as before!

Lin Beifan, we are sworn enemies!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t stay still and rushed into the company.

“Mr. Ye, where are you going?”

“I’m going to find Boss Lin. There’s something important to discuss!”

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