Chapter 47

Chapter 47: You Traitors!

In the end, Chu Ruoxue argued with reason and finally convinced Lin Beifan to increase his price to 650 million yuan.

However, the condition was that not only did she have to give up the land, but also had to provide her personnel.

There was no other way; Lin Beifan was completely unfamiliar with real estate.

However, the other party, Licheng Group, was an established real estate development company with a well-established development system and a huge team of professional construction engineers. So Lin Beifan had to let them gain some advantage.

Still, Chu Ruoxue felt she was at a significant loss.

It felt like he was cutting flesh off her body, and she said with great sadness, “You’re really lacking gentlemanly demeanor, arguing with me over such a small benefit!”

Lin Beifan said earnestly, “You’re right! Most people usually call me playboy, rich second generation, prodigal son, all kinds of messy nicknames, but no one ever calls me a gentleman!”

Chu Ruoxue: “…”

She rubbed her flat stomach and said, “Is the food ready? I’m starving!”

Lin Beifan pressed the call button.

In no time at all, all the dishes were served.

Chu Ruoxue’s eyes widened in surprise, “Sweet and sour spare ribs, steamed stone fish, spicy and sour duck, eight treasures soup… Wow! These are all dishes I like to eat! How did you know?”

Lin Beifan smiled slightly, “I invited Miss Chu for a business discussion, so of course I had to prepare. Now, am I gentleman enough?”

Looking at Lin Beifan’s brilliant smile, Chu Ruoxue felt her heart being impacted and her heartbeat quickened.

Blushing, she lowered her head and said, “It’s just okay!”

Then, the two of them enjoyed their meal.

On the other side, Dragon Fang Capital.

The third protagonist, Zhao Tian, received a rejection from Licheng Group and was completely dumbfounded.

“Licheng Group actually rejected me?”

“Not only did they reject me, they turned around and cooperated with the Lin Investment Company?”

“Why is that? Wasn’t what I offered enough?”

Zhao Tian couldn’t understand. He had offered quite favorable conditions. Currently, the land was worth at most 600 million yuan, but he offered over 900 million yuan. Wasn’t that enough?

If it wasn’t enough, he could offer more!

After all, this piece of land would bring him ten times the profit in the future!

What’s a little more money?

And he could also take the opportunity to defeat his enemy, Lin Beifan, and snatch the opportunity from him. Why wouldn’t he do it?

Even if the other party didn’t want to sell, he would be the best partner!

Isn’t it great to have such a rich and generous partner?

The protagonist, Zhao Tian, suppressed his anger and asked, “Did you explain the situation to Licheng? Even if they don’t sell, we can still cooperate in development! He has land, I have money, isn’t this perfect?”

“I’ve told them, but they still refused!” The middle-aged man in front of him had a bitter expression.

Zhao Tian felt angry and annoyed. He didn’t expect that his first attempt to deal with Lin Beifan after being reborn would end in failure.

It reminded him of the terror he experienced when he was controlled by Lin Beifan before his rebirth.

He couldn’t accept it!

Was he going to lose to Lin Beifan again after being reborn?

He waved his hand, “You can leave, I need to think!”

“Yes, Dragon King!”

Zhao Tian locked himself in his office and seriously pondered. He finally understood the reason for his loss.

The other party had money, was a local authority in Mo Hai, and was supported by the Lin Corporation…

If he were in Licheng Corporation’s position, he would definitely prioritize cooperating with Lin Beifan rather than this outsider capital.

After understanding this, he regained his confidence and smirked, “Lin Beifan, you really can’t underestimate me! I admit that I became a bit arrogant after being reborn and underestimated you, thinking that I could take advantage of the advantage of being reborn! But this time, it won’t happen again! I will treat you as a true enemy! Are you ready?”

He shouted, “Bring in the men!”

Immediately, a row of men in black walked in and said in unison, “Dragon King, what are your orders?”

“Now, I want you to immediately investigate Lin Beifan, Lin Investment Corporation, and the Lin Corporation behind them! Keep an eye on their every move, and don’t miss any information!”

“Yes, Dragon King!” the men in black responded.

Three hours later, a detailed report was presented in front of him.

Among all the information, he noticed two individuals and became furious.

“Xiao Chen! Ye Xingchen! You two traitors!”

“Xiao Chen, your fiancée was stolen by someone else, your career was destroyed by him, and yet you still call him your brother? Do you have no shame?”

“Ye Xingchen, you are even worse! Your girlfriend was taken away by someone else, all your brothers and subordinates were sent to prison by him, and you still help him make money, earning hundred millions in the process?”

“You two are super traitors! I am ashamed to be associated with you!”

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