Chapter 46

Chapter 46: You Won’t Have Any Friends If You Do This!

Chu Ruoxue smiled slightly, “I chose Lin Beifan because it’s the best option!”

“First, compared to the newly emerged Dragon Fang Capital, we are more familiar with Lin Beifan. We all operate in the Mo Hai circle, and we see each other frequently. When choosing a collaborator, it’s more reassuring to choose someone we know!”

“Secondly, Lin Beifan is wealthy and has a promising future! In less than a month, he managed to turn 100 million in capital into hundreds of millions, proving his astonishing talent in investment! As long as he avoids any major mistakes, he will inevitably become a top-notch figure in the Magic Sea and even in the whole country! When choosing a collaborator, of course, we should select someone with potential!”

“In addition, we have to admit that with the continuous downturn of the global economy, it’s becoming more and more difficult for our real estate industry. Raising funds is also increasingly challenging, and we don’t know when this situation will end!”

“However, if we can establish a relationship with Lin Beifan, we will have the opportunity to borrow funds from him and alleviate the current situation. This is very advantageous for the development of our group, and it may even achieve a second takeoff!”

“Third, Lin Beifan is the heir of the Lin Group. When we cooperate with him, we are actually cooperating with the Lin Group! The Lin Group is a local group that is not inferior to our group. They have significant influence and power locally. Isn’t such a strong collaboration more advantageous than Dragon Fang Capital?”

“So, there are plenty of benefits in choosing to collaborate with Lin Beifan! Compared to that, what else can Dragon Fang Capital offer besides money?”

“I see, President Chu, you truly have far-sighted vision!” The secretary flattered.

Chu Ruoxue found great pleasure in this flattery.

But then, she suddenly remembered Lin Beifan’s mischievous smile.

Feeling bitter and furious, she gritted her teeth. “Damn it! Could it be that he has already seen through me?”

At that moment, she received a text message.

Miss Chu, do you have time tonight? Let’s have dinner together to discuss our cooperation. What do you think?

This text message came from Lin Beifan.

Chu Ruoxue slammed the table in anger. “Damn it! He really saw through me!”

Originally, she wanted to ignore the message and put her phone down. However, she had never received such a text message before.

After thinking for a moment, she still picked up her phone and replied with four words.

Time, place!

“This is for work! Hmph!”

That night, the two of them arrived at an elegant restaurant.

But before they even started eating, she confronted him directly, stating that she would only provide the land but wouldn’t contribute a penny!

Lin Beifan estimated that it would take at least 15 billion yuan to fully develop the land.

But the other party didn’t offer a single cent, what audacity!

Furthermore, she also mentioned that he must provide her with a low-interest loan of around 100 million yuan to help her through the current difficulties.

Lin Beifan looked at her with a profound gaze. “Miss Chu, you won’t have any friends if you act this way!”

Seeing the resentful look in his eyes, Chu Ruoxue felt a little smug. “These are my conditions! If my group doesn’t have any money, how can we develop this land without your help?”

Lin Beifan nodded. “Alright! Let’s stick to the agreement. We will provide the 1,5 billion yuan.”

Chu Ruoxue’s eyelids twitched.

1,5 billion yuan, he said it so casually.

She couldn’t help but ask, “Can you really come up with that much money?”

Lin Beifan shook his head. “Not right now…”

Chu Ruoxue breathed a sigh of relief. “Just as I thought!”

“Right now, I only have 400 million yuan. I can’t come up with that much money.”

Chu Ruoxue chuckled.

“But I need two months to gather the funds. It should be no problem! After all, this 1,5 billion yuan will be paid off over two years, with less than 100 million yuan per month on average. No need to rush!”

Chu Ruoxue took a deep breath. “In just a few days, you’ve made another 100 million yuan?”

Lin Beifan sighed. “This speed is already quite slow, you know? When Brother Ye was around, he helped me make 100 million yuan in less than two days. I really miss the days when Brother Ye was here!”

Chu Ruoxue chuckled.

At this moment, Chu Ruoxue, who ran around desperately for money, felt full of envy and jealousy.

Making 100 million yuan in a few days and still considering it slow?

Rich people!

“Let’s make it clear. I will provide the 1,5 billion yuan, and it will be considered as part of the equity cost. As for your land, it will be valued at 600 million yuan and included in the equity cost as well. The final profits will be distributed according to this ratio.”

Chu Ruoxue stomped her foot and exclaimed, “Why? When Dragon Fang Capital offered me 950 million yuan, I wouldn’t agree! Why should it be valued at 600 million yuan?”

The equity interest is crucial!

If they undervalue it now, they will lose a lot in the future!

Lin Beifan spread his hands. “Well, you can go find Dragon Fang Capital to cooperate if you want. I’m not stopping you! But if anything goes wrong, don’t blame me!”

What could possibly go wrong?

Of course, it was Lin Beifan, the playboy, causing trouble!

He was a local tycoon, it would be easy for him to create problems!

That’s why Chu Ruoxue was even more willing to cooperate with Lin Beifan.

At least they could avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles!

“Damn it!” Chu Ruoxue gritted her teeth.

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