Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Foolish People, Plenty of Money, Come Quickly!

Li Cheng Group quickly received a response from Dragon Fang Capital.

“Dragon Fang Capital, offering 800 million!”

Chu Ruoxue was astonished. She didn’t expect Dragon Fang Capital to be willing to spend 800 million to buy the land she held.

It must be noted that their group had only spent 600 million to acquire the land initially.

With this transaction, they would earn an additional 200 million.

This could completely solve their current financial shortage problem!

And even have some surplus!

“The fact that they’re willing to spend an additional 200 million shows that there is great profit to be made from this piece of land, and it’s unlikely to be easily sold!”

Chu Ruoxue became a bit more calculated in her mind.

“What about Lin Investment Company? Has Lin Beifan responded?”

The secretary replied, “Not yet!”

“You go and inform Lin Investment Company about Dragon Fang Capital’s offer. I don’t believe they can sit still!”

“Yes, President Chu!”

The next day came.

Chu Ruoxue couldn’t help but ask, “Has Lin Investment Company shown any reaction?”

The secretary replied, “Not yet!”

Chu Ruoxue felt a slight disappointment.


“But what?” Chu Ruoxue raised her head.

“But, Dragon Fang Capital has come back with another offer, 850 million, 50 million more!”

Chu Ruoxue was stunned.

She didn’t even have much of a reaction, yet the other party increased the price by 50 million. They really don’t treat money as money!

Is it that they’re foolish, or is this land really that profitable?

“You inform Lin Investment Company about this situation again!”

“Yes, President Chu!”

Another day passed.

Chu Ruoxue couldn’t help but ask again, “Has Lin Beifan shown any reaction?”

The secretary replied, “Still nothing! But Dragon Fang Capital has come back with another offer, 900 million!”

Chu Ruoxue exclaimed, “What the hell!”

She was now shaken by Dragon Fang Capital’s audacious moves!

An increase of 500 million in just one day!

It was like they were openly telling her, foolish people with plenty of money, come quickly!

She was tempted to sell the land immediately and pocket 900 million in cash!

However, reason told her that she couldn’t sell it off so easily!

The fact that they were willing to spend 900 million proved that the value of this piece of land far exceeded that amount!

If she sold it now, she would be at a loss!

“Inform Lin Investment Company about this situation again!”

“Yes, President Chu!”

“Wait, I’ll personally call him!”

The phone was quickly answered, and Lin Beifan’s voice came through.

“President Chu, what’s the matter? Why did you call?”

Chu Ruoxue responded irritably, “What else could it be? It’s about the land in Jiangnan! Dragon Fang Capital’s offer has now reached 900 million, a premium of over 50%, and it’s making me seriously consider it! We’re waiting for your side’s response! What’s your situation? Are you buying or not? Give me an answer!”

Lin Beifan’s nonchalant voice came through, “Does it even matter? You never intended to sell it in the first place!”

Chu Ruoxue’s eyebrows twitched, feeling that he had hit the nail on the head. She replied with a tough tone, “Who said I’m not selling? It’s just that the price hasn’t satisfied me yet, so I plan to wait and see your opinions!”

“Well, I’ll make it clear to you now. I’m not buying. You can go talk to Dragon Fang!” Lin Beifan said.

Chu Ruoxue stayed silent.

“If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up!” Lin Beifan ended the call.

Chu Ruoxue muttered, “Damn it!”

She clenched her teeth tightly!

Feeling like she was being completely controlled by the other party!

Chu Ruoxue quickly said, “Wait, don’t hang up yet, I have something to ask you!”

Lin Beifan responded, “Speak!”

Chu Ruoxue said, “Both you and Dragon Fang Capital have set your sights on that land. What is the value of that land? Can you tell me? I owe you a favor!”

Lin Beifan replied, “Go ask Dragon Fang. If they’re willing to spend the money, they must know its value!”

Chu Ruoxue said, “I did ask, but they didn’t say!”

Lin Beifan replied, “Then I can’t help you. Goodbye!”

The call ended, initiated by Lin Beifan.

Chu Ruoxue was so angry that she wanted to throw her phone away.

Since meeting Lin Beifan, she felt like she hadn’t encountered any good luck!

Afterwards, Chu Ruoxue locked herself in her office and pondered the pros and cons of the situation.

Shortly after, the secretary walked in and said, “President Chu, Dragon Fang Capital has made another offer, this time it’s 950 million!”

Chu Ruoxue waved her hand, “Tell them not to make any more offers. We’re not selling this piece of land, no matter how much money they offer. We’ll develop it ourselves!”

The secretary was surprised, “Develop it ourselves? But President Chu, we don’t have the money!”

“That’s why we need a wealthy strategic partner!” Chu Ruoxue smiled faintly, “Lin Beifan from Lin Investment Company would be a very good partner!”

The secretary was even more amazed, “President Chu, why would you abandon Dragon Fang Capital, who is offering such sincerity, and choose to cooperate with Lin Beifan?”

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