Chapter 44

Chapter 44: He can never forget that man!

On the other hand, Dragon Fang Capital also received the news.

“What? Lin Beifan from Lin Investment Company is interested in that piece of land too?”

In the headquarters of Dragon Fang Capital, a handsome and imposing young man dropped his glass of red wine in shock, spilling the drink all over the floor.

“Wait, I have been reborn, he shouldn’t know me, don’t scare me!”

“Lin Beifan, the devil in this world, isn’t that scary!”

The young man regained his composure, but his eyes were filled with intense hatred.

His name was Zhao Tian, a reborn individual.

Before being reborn, he was a son-in-law of a small wealthy family, serving his mother-in-law and wife every day, taking care of their needs and living a very frustrating life.

But secretly, he was the successor of the hidden family Zhao.

In other words, he was a top-tier playboy, an extraordinary person.

There were rules for the family’s training, and within three years, he couldn’t reveal any of his information or use any of the family’s power.

So, he endured these three years miserably.

After three years, he finally regained his own power.

Just as he was about to revel in his success, his wife looked at another man with great admiration, which greatly displeased him.

So, he used his abilities to confront that man and teach him a lesson.

Unexpectedly, this led to his tragic life.

This young man seemed ordinary but was actually a hidden master.

With a wave of his hand, he suppressed Zhao Tian, and even slapped his face, making him lose face in front of his wife and everyone else.

He couldn’t accept it and retaliated with his power.

But he didn’t expect that the other party had even greater power and more astonishing means.

Not only did he destroy all of Zhao Tian’s businesses, but he also destroyed his family behind him, leaving him with nothing!

In the end, his wife kicked him out, leaving him with absolutely nothing!

He can never forget that man!

I want to kill him even in my dreams!

Fortunately, he was reborn and went back to the beginning, everything could still be salvaged!

He could strike back and seek revenge on that man!

So, the first thing he did after returning was…

Screw the three-year agreement, I’m not going along with it!

He immediately regained his power and established Dragon Fang Capital.

“I want to personally take away everything from that man!”

“Whether it’s his career, his family, or his women!”

“I want him to crawl under my feet like a beaten dog!”

So, after the company was established, he couldn’t wait to contact Licheng Group to try and snatch that piece of land, blocking his path to success.

But unexpectedly, his enemy Lin Beifan also had his eyes on that land.

“I must say, you truly deserve the title of financial giant, Lin Beifan!” Zhao Tian’s voice was filled with fear.

Although he disliked Lin Beifan, he couldn’t help but admire his abilities.

In order to deal with Lin Beifan, he had investigated his information.

He discovered that the other party was a supreme genius in the investment world!

Whatever stocks he bought, they would rise!

Whatever he invested in, it would become popular!

With his precise vision and investment intuition, he had built a commercial empire worth billions within a few years, standing at the pinnacle of the world!

Moreover, it seemed like he was proficient in everything, without any flaws!

Almost perfect, not even resembling a human!

At that time, not only did he lose to Lin Beifan!

Several outstanding young individuals also lost to him!

Not only did they lose their businesses, but they also lost their women!

It was quite tragic!

“But this time, it’s different!”

“This time, I will never lose!”

Zhao Tian clenched his fist.

He was reborn and knew everything about the future development of the world, giving him an advantage!

With the support of the Zhao family, he possessed terrifying capital and power!

This cleared all the obstacles for his rise!

As for the other party, he was currently just a nobody!

Why should he lose to him?

The more he thought about it, the more confident and composed Zhao Tian became. He couldn’t help but smirk, “Lin Beifan, are you ready? I’m about to make my move!”

“I will take away everything from you, starting with that piece of land!”

“Come in!” he shouted loudly.

The door opened, and a group of black-clad men walked in, bowing and speaking in unison, “Dragon King, what are your orders?”

“Inform the people below, tell them I am determined to get that land in Licheng! No matter the cost, I want it!” Zhao Tian said forcefully.

“Yes, Dragon King!” they all said in unison before exiting in an orderly manner.

“Heh, Lin Beifan, let’s see what you can do against me!” Zhao Tian smirked, showing great arrogance.

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