Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Introduction of the Protagonist, the Crooked Dragon King!

However, Lin Beifan did not hold much hope in being able to obtain this piece of land.

Because Chu Ruoxue was too shrewd.

As long as there was a slight hint, she would grasp it tightly. When she said she needed three days to consider, in reality, she was using those three days to investigate and determine the additional value of this land.

In his previous life, Lin Beifan failed to obtain this piece of land.

In the end, they ended up cooperating with each other.

The other party provided the land while Lin Beifan provided the funding, and they developed it together.

With this back and forth, both parties naturally became familiar with each other, their relationship in place, and then…

Now, in his reincarnated future, Lin Beifan believed that the other party would follow the same path.

On the other hand.

After spending a day, Chu Ruoxue still couldn’t find any value in that piece of land.

Instead, she learned about Lin Beifan’s abilities and the strength of the Lin Investment Company, realizing that within just half a month, they had earned 300 million in funds.

“Could it be that I’m being too suspicious?” Chu Ruoxue furrowed her brows.

Their group had been deeply involved in the real estate industry for many years and were well-versed in various information and policy changes. They were highly sensitive and could not possibly be worse than a small investment company.

The fact that the other party was willing to spend all their assets to buy this piece of land proved that it must have tremendous value.

But they couldn’t find any information about it, which was very strange.

At this moment, the secretary walked in. “President Chu, Dragon Fang Capital in the imperial capital sent a letter inquiring about the possibility of transferring the land in Jiangnan. They want to purchase this piece of land!”

“We have another buyer, now this is interesting!” Chu Ruoxue’s mouth curved slightly.

Then she frowned again. “But…Dragon Fang Capital? The name sounds strange. Is there such an investment company in the imperial capital?”

The secretary immediately answered, “Based on the information I found, Dragon Fang Capital is a recently established investment company. Although it’s newly formed, its registered capital has already reached 1 billion, making them financially strong! Their corporate legal representative is ××, who is quite famous in the industry…”

After listening to the secretary’s introduction, Chu Ruoxue became even more curious about this piece of land she held in her hands.

What value did this piece of land have that would make two investment companies fight over it?

“Did you ask the other party what they intend to do with this land?”

“I did, but the other party just vaguely said it was for investment, without providing any further details!”

Chu Ruoxue felt frustrated. She felt like she held a precious treasure, yet knew nothing about it.

This feeling drove her crazy.

But after thinking about it, she calmed down.

With the treasure in her hands, she had the upper hand.

A smug smile appeared on her face. “Go and separately inform Dragon Fang Capital and the Lin Investment Company about the other party’s intention to purchase. Whoever offers a higher price, that’s who I’ll cooperate with!”

“Yes, President Chu!”

This matter quickly reached Lin Beifan’s ears.

“Dragon Fang Capital? The third protagonist emerges so quickly?” Lin Beifan chuckled.

This third protagonist was a character from the surplus son-in-law genre.

He was the one who started by washing his wife’s feet.

He was also known as the Crooked Dragon King!

Originally, he was a young master from a super secretive family. Due to the family rules, he had to go out and experience life without revealing his identity or using the family’s influence for three years.

Later, he married into a small wealthy family and became a useless son-in-law.

He lived a very suppressed life, washing his wife’s and mother-in-law’s feet every day.

When the three-year period was up, he wanted to vent all the grievances he had endured and rise above it all.

At that time, Lin Beifan passed by him.

Perhaps it was Lin Beifan’s villainous aura that attracted him, so he wanted to show off and embarrass himself in front of people.

As a result, he was slapped to death by Lin Beifan with one palm!

Unsatisfied, he continued to cause trouble for Lin Beifan.

And again, he was slapped to death with one palm!

In this back and forth, both his influence and his family’s power were destroyed by Lin Beifan!

In the end, he was also kicked out by his in-laws, unable to even maintain his status as a useless son-in-law.

Among all the protagonists, he posed the greatest threat to Lin Beifan.

Because he not only had a powerful family influence, but also possessed immense strength himself. Plus, he seemed to be blessed by heavenly fortune, making everything go his way.

Unfortunately, he encountered Lin Beifan, this unruly demon king, and everything turned to ashes!

“The fact that he wants to purchase the land in Jiangnan…is interesting! I should say, life after reincarnation is becoming more and more interesting. Every protagonist is playing their cards in ways that defy common sense, very intriguing!” Lin Beifan became even more excited.

What’s the point of a routine life?

It’s only interesting when there are challenges!

Especially when manipulating the protagonists in the palm of his hand, that feeling is the most satisfying!

I love it when you’re resentful of me and can’t do anything about it!

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