Chapter 9: The Second Commercial

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Yes, the video that frightened millions of people was just a special effect in the eyes of the public.

Although there was a small number of people who speculated that this scarecrow could have been a ghost or something, most people just laughed at those kinds of statements.

It was the 21st century. How could anyone still believe in ghosts and spirits and things like that?

They were living in an era of science, okay?

Those kinds of videos were definitely shot using scientific methods.

Either the special effect was added into the video later on or they used a sophisticated tool created by science.

As for ghosts and spirits, it was just nonsense.

However, there were still many professionals in this world.

Some comments left by a person called “Special Effects Wizard” appeared in the comments section, which was quickly pushed to the front row.

[I’m a professional in video special effects. I believe many people have seen my videos on YouTube.

[I’ve been in the special effects profession for more than ten years. Today, I’ll bet my career on this.

[This is definitely not an effect that special effects can produce!]

As soon as this comment was posted, many sub-comments immediately appeared.

[Oh my God, it’s actually the Special Effects Wizard!]

[Even the Special Effects Wizard said so. Looks like this scarecrow really isn’t a special effect.]

[Haven’t you guys heard of the saying ‘there will always be someone better than you’? There will always be someone better than you in the world. Don’t be too confident.]

[The person above, do you really not know who Special Effects Wizard is? Go to his page and look at his special effects videos. You’ll understand how stupid your comment is.]

[I’m dying of laughter. Someone actually questioned the comment of the Special Effects Wizard. He’s the best special effects wizard in the world, okay?]

[But if it isn’t a special effect, what’s with this video then?]

[Could there really be a ghost?]

[Sir, are you stupid? This must be a prop!]

[Yes, that’s right. It must be a prop. Does anyone know which company produced this prop?]

[I’ve never heard of any company making such props. It might be a new product they’re testing out.]

[I see. Perhaps this video’s actually an !]

This time, most of the netizens believed it.

Including the Special Effects Wizard!

Since the scarecrow was not made with special effects, it must have been a sophisticated kind of prop.

The video was probably an then.

It was a pre-sale for the scarecrow.

If it really was an , it was undoubtedly very successful.

Everyone who watched the video was already wondering which company had made such a sophisticated prop.

The scarecrow in the video had such a lifelike face, almost as if it was alive!

However, just when everyone thought some company would announce that they were the ones who created the scarecrow, the internet went silent.

There was no news on the internet.

Not a single announcement was made.

In fact, countless companies related to props and toys were watching the news on the internet.

They, too, wanted to know which competitor was so powerful.

All of a sudden, the netizens were confused.

The was so successful. Why did the manufacturer not reveal themselves?

It was the first time the internet saw an without the actual sale of the product.

Just as everyone was discussing this matter intensely, a comment appeared on the internet.

[I heard my grandfather say that there seem to be monsters in this world. Even their names are weird!

[There are all kinds of strange things. Some can transform into animals while others can transform into certain objects.

[On top of that, they seem to have magical powers!

[I suspect that this scarecrow’s just as strange!]

Not long after this message appeared in the comments section, it was forcefully deleted.

However, there were still many people who had already seen this comment.

There were even some who took a screenshot of it.

However, everyone generally did not believe the comment.

Not only did everyone not believe it, they even found the comment incredibly funny.

[Come on, are you telling us some old ghost story?]

[How can anyone believe in such superstitious beliefs?]

[If there are really monsters in this world, I’ll run around Harvard University naked!]

The fact that the comment about the weird monsters was instantly deleted right after it was posted proved everything.

Perhaps even the commenter himself felt that the comment was too ridiculous, so he deleted it himself.

Obviously, no one took the weirdness seriously.

Just as everyone scoffed at it, a new video appeared.

The video was shot at the same place the ‘Charlie’s Game’ video was taken.

It was the abandoned farm!

The popularity of the video had not subsided, so everyone who had seen ‘Charlie’s Game’ could not help but to click it.

When they clicked it, they were shocked again.

In the video, a faint sound of dripping water could be heard.

The dim lighting made it very uncomfortable.

When the camera moved, a bird’s caw was heard.

Then, there was the sound of flapping wings.

Just as everyone was concentrating on the video, a bird flew into the frame and in the bird’s mouth, there was an eyeball.

An eyeball covered in blood.

Almost everyone who saw this scene gulped.

However, in the next moment, their faces truly turned pale.

As the camera continued to pan slowly, two figures appeared on the screen.

One of them was lying on a haystack with a twisted face. Both of his feet were chopped off and his blood was continuously flowing.

What was even more terrifying was that this person’s skin was actually shriveled. He looked like he had not eaten for a week.

Even his eyes had sunk into its sockets.

Besides this person, blood kept dripping down from above.

Above him, there was a corpse hanging from the beam.

This was the second figure—half a figure, to be more precise, as his lower half had completely disappeared.

It was as if someone had cut him in half with a chainsaw.

The blood seemed to have been dripping from the corpse for a while.

At that time, it was dripping slowly, drop by drop.

After resting at this angle for a while, the camera suddenly made a 180-degree flip.

When the camera stopped moving, there was a close-up shot on the screen—a close-up of a scarecrow’s face.

Everyone who saw this was slightly stunned.

Was this not the scarecrow from ‘Charlie’s Game’?

Did the manufacturing company advertise it again?

The special effects in this video seemed to be even more realistic than the last one…

However, the company’s name was not mentioned last time.

This time, they would be revealing themselves, right?

The netizens who were extremely curious about this were still holding back their discomfort as they continued to watch the video.

However, the advertising slogan that they were expecting did not appear.

Instead, it was replaced by a creepy smile and a closing sentence.

[I’m right here, watching you.]

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