Chapter 8: It’s Really On YouTube’s Homepage!

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After hearing the man’s words, the woman returned to the house and said excitedly, “Darling, how was my performance?”

“It was simply amazing!”

The two of them lost themselves in each other’s embrace and kissed again.

Meanwhile, Flanders, who was still standing there by the side, felt that his intelligence had been insulted.

The acting in this scene was simply too clumsy.

Not to mention, the woman’s expression was way too exaggerated.

The most maddening part was when the ‘ghost’ was descending into the frame. The rope it was suspended from was exposed in the mirror!

It was completely exposed!

However, these two people didn’t seem to care about these details at all.

With one look, it was obvious that these two laymen who were dreaming of overnight success were just entertaining themselves.

After their kiss, they both excitedly came to Flanders’s side and picked up the camera to watch the video.

Meanwhile, Flanders was observing the both of them.

He wanted to know how strong his Disguise was.

The video was just as he thought.

A complete pile of dog sh*t.

To these two, however, it was considered ‘perfect work’.

The video had already played to the end. Looking at the two of them who were still excited, Flanders heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that the plan had succeeded.

The exaggerated acting skills and the exposed rope were completely ignored by the two of them.

More importantly, Flanders, who suddenly appeared to be grinning in the last scene, was also ignored by the two of them.

That’s right.

After the woman ran out screaming, Flanders revealed a creepy smile in the mirror.

Naturally, it was all part of his plan.

On one hand, he wanted to test the effect of his Disguise skill.

It seemed that the effect was pretty good.

The two of them did not notice him at all. Although it could be because they were in a state of excitement, it was still fine as long as they did not notice him.

If they did, Flanders would just have to kill them on the spot and gain some fear points.

Since they did not notice him, there was no need to kill them.

Flanders intended to let them go to let them post the video online.

Once the video was successfully posted, many timid people would be scared by Flanders’s last smile.

This would gain him a lot of fear points.

Watching the two of them leave excitedly, Flanders became a little excited as well.

If this video could really make it to the home page, how many fear points would he receive?

After all, the number of hits a video on the YouTube homepage could get was terrifying.

There were often millions of hits!

Even if only one-tenth of the viewers were frightened, it would still be a big number.

Since there would be a big influx of fear points coming in, Flanders was not in a hurry to leave.

He would remain on this abandoned farm for a few more days and leave once his strength increased.

In the evening, a bearded man in Manchester City had just got off work and was dragging his exhausted body home.

The sound of running water came from the bathroom.

It was the bearded man pouring hot water into the bathtub.

He was sitting in front of his computer, logging into YouTube.

As soon as he opened the web page, a video on the homepage caught his attention.

[Shocking, Charlie’s game is real!]

The bearded man had heard of Charlie’s game before.

It was a very old game.

It was said that in the middle of the night, one could summon a ghost named Charlie by holding a pen in hand while saying, ‘Charlie, are you there?’ to the mirror three times.

Then, the Summoner could ask Charlie some questions.

As each question was asked, the pen on the table would be moved by an invisible force.

Of course, a piece of white paper had to be placed on the table, and on the paper, two ‘Yes’s’ and two ‘No’s’ had to be written in its four corners.

Although the theory behind Charlie’s game had long been explained scientifically, the bearded man, driven by curiosity, clicked on the video nonetheless.

He wanted to know how the video was going to prove the authenticity of Charlie’s game.

However, after clicking on the video and watching it for a few seconds, he regretted it.

“What the f*ck is this?”

The bearded man stared at the screen in front of him with a look of disdain.

The woman’s acting was way too exaggerated, which made people want to ridicule her.

What was even more ridiculous was that when the crude ‘ghost’ descended from behind her, the rope attached to the ‘ghost’ was exposed.

Anyone who was not an idiot could tell that someone was definitely using the rope to control the ghost’s rise and fall.

The thing he could not accept the most was that the guy who made the video had made a mistake in Charlie’s game.

There was no paper or pen on the table.

Also, it was not midnight.

The video continued as the woman let out an exaggerated cry and ran out of the room.

By now, the bearded man was in a terrible mood.

He felt that this video had wasted a minute of his life.

Just as he was about to turn off the video, the screen was filled with a barrage of comments.

[High energy ahead. Cowards, please, retreat!]

After hesitating for a moment, the bearded man decided to continue watching the video further.

After all, this video was on the front page. It was definitely not that simple.

The barrage of comments that filled the screen already hinted in that direction.

Just as the bearded man was attentively watching the video, trying to find some clues in advance, the scarecrow in the mirror who had been in the background of the video suddenly grinned.

That smile was incredibly eerie and terrifying. It was even a little distorted, causing one to shudder.

When the bearded man saw this scene, his entire body trembled. He was so frightened that he threw a hard punch and smashed the screen.

In an instant, the screen was smashed into pieces by the bearded man’s punch.

A moment later, the bearded man, who was gasping for breath, finally reacted. He held his head with both hands and cried out in pain, “F*ck! F*ck! What did I do?!

“I actually smashed my newly bought monitor!

“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”

The bearded man wailed in pain a few more times before his emotions calmed down slightly.

In the next moment, he took out his phone.

He logged onto YouTube again.

He had to take another look to confirm if his eyes were playing tricks on him.

However, even though he was mentally prepared this time, the bearded man’s hands still trembled when he saw the scarecrow grinning.

His newly bought iPhone fell to the ground.

Unsurprisingly, the screen shattered as well.

At that time, the same story was unfolding all over the world.

Countless phones and screens had been wiped out that night.

Many people angrily complained about this video in the comments section, saying it made them spend a large sum of money as they had to repair their phones or replace their broken screens.

However, the comment with the highest number of likes in the comments section was not a complaint.

[Can anyone explain how this video effect is done?

[This is too f*cking awesome!]

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