Chapter 7: You Want to Get Onto YouTube’s Homepage?

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At this moment, Flanders had just about 10,000 fear points left.

If all three skills were upgraded to level 2, then Flanders’s fear points would instantly hit rock bottom.

As for the first three skills, it only required 2,000 fear points to upgrade each of them to level 3.

This gap was obviously a little big.

However, Flanders did not waste too much time on this matter.

He quickly made a decision.

He raised Five Bones, Crow Storm, and Disguise to level 2!

The more expensive the cost, the stronger the power.

Such a simple principle. Flanders understood it well.

Since it required 3,000 fear points, it must be worth it.

At this moment, Flanders looked at his own data.

[Host: Flanders.]

[Bloodline: strange physical system — Scarecrow.]

[Strength: F+.]

[Skills: Fear, Demonic God’s Body, Night Cut, Five Bones, Crow Storm, Disguise.]

[Items: none.]

[Fear points: 800.]

There were a lot of skills, and they were all quite practical.

Although he only had 800 fear points left, Flanders was not the slightest bit depressed.

That was because his strength had gone from being undetectable to F+.

If he went up another level, he would reach E-.

This was not to be mistaken as a small increase since the difference between E and F was very big.

After checking his own data, Flanders had a clear target.

What he needed to do now was to harvest more fear points to increase his strength.

In such a world, it was difficult to survive without strength.

While he was thinking, the sound of an engine was heard coming from outside the house.

It seemed that someone had driven over.

Flanders immediately activated his Disguise skill and stood still.

At that moment, Flanders looked no different from an ordinary scarecrow.

“Dear, how did you find this place?”

A shrill female voice was heard coming from the door.

Then, another man’s voice rang, “How is it? This place isn’t bad, right? I spent a lot of effort finding this place. No one has come for it yet.”

The next moment, a grinding sound was heard.

The rusty iron door was being pushed open, allowing the sunlight to shine into the abandoned house.

Flanders remained motionless as he looked at the two people standing by the door.

They seemed to be a couple.

As for what they wanted to do here, it was still unknown.

At this time, Flanders was already contemplating if he should try out his new skills on these two people.

It was important to familiarize himself with the new skills.

However, Flanders gave up on this idea at the next moment.

The man took out a camera from his bag and placed it on a haystack while adjusting the camera’s angle.

It seemed that the two of them wanted to record a video here.

The man fiddled with the camera in his hand as he bragged to the woman, “How is it? Isn’t this location perfect for our script?

“As long as we shoot here, our video will definitely appear on YouTube’s homepage.

“When that time comes, we’ll be famous!”

There was a slight excitement in the man’s tone. The woman seemed to be affected by his emotions.

“If we can really get on the homepage, we’ll be rich. I heard that once we’re on the homepage, we’ll earn a lot of money just from the number of clicks!”

At this moment, the man was done adjusting the camera. He turned around and looked at the woman with an expression that suggested he knew what he was talking about.

“A little bit of money from the number of clicks? If we get popular, we might even get an . The fee will bring us a lot of income.”

After hearing the man’s words, the woman immediately had an eager expression.

In the heat of the moment, they immediately hugged each other, closed their eyes, and kissed.

As for Flanders, he took this opportunity to shift his position to stand within the camera’s field of vision.

After kissing for a while, they reluctantly parted.

Then, the woman looked at Flanders and was slightly stunned.

“Dear, was this scarecrow standing here earlier?”

The man turned around and said with some uncertainty, “It seems like it.

“But it’s strange. I didn’t see a scarecrow when I came here a few days ago.”

The woman’s expression and tone became serious.

“This scarecrow… Could it be a ghost?”

When Flanders heard this, his heart skipped a beat.

These two people actually managed to guess he was not an ordinary scarecrow so easily?

This Disguise skill was completely useless!

However, the man and woman burst out laughing at the same time in the next second.

“Baby, you’re too funny.”

“Hahaha, I was just joking. How can there be ghosts in this world?”

“Of course, you can say that now. You won’t be able to say the same once we start filming.”

“Don’t worry.”

Then, the two of them walked out and started moving some props from the car into the house.

The props were not complicated.

A table, a chair, a mirror, and a rope.

And a very simple ‘ghost’.

It was just a white sheet wrapped around a ball to form its head.

The sheet was tied up with a rope.

It looked like a sunny doll.

After the man tied the ‘ghost’ up, he threw the other end of the rope over the beam.

Then, he found an angle that was out of the camera’s field of vision. After he straightened the rope, he hung the ‘ghost’ on the beam.

They then moved the table in front of the haystack where the camera had just been set up and placed the mirror on the table.

Following that, they placed the chair in front of the table.

After adjusting the ghost and making sure the mirror could be seen, the man picked up the camera and ran to where Flanders was positioned.

From this angle, they could capture the scene from the mirror while still concealing the location of the camera.

Once everything was ready, the man hit the record button.

The woman approached the table slowly and sat down. Then, she turned to look at the mirror.

“Charlie, Charlie, are you there?

“Charlie, Charlie, are you there?

“Charlie, Charlie, are you there?”

Then, the woman put on a nervous expression and looked at the mirror seriously.

The man, who was out of range from the camera’s lens, slowly loosened the rope.

The ‘ghost’ that was hanging on the beam slowly descended under the man’s control.

Soon, the sight of the ‘ghost’ descending appeared in the mirror.

The woman opened her mouth in an exaggerated look, revealing an awkward expression of fear. She screamed and pushed the chair away before running out.

Just as Flanders was filled with doubt, the man controlling the ‘ghost’ turned off the recording function and said with satisfaction, “Perfect!”

This time, Flanders was completely shocked.

He wanted to get onto YouTube’s homepage with that?

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