Chapter 4: Harvesting in Advance, Kill the Hen to Get the Egg!

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As soon as these words were said, everyone subconsciously looked at the scarecrow.

Someone could not help but say, “What’s wrong with the scarecrow? Could the murderer be hiding inside?”

Of course, the scarecrow was not big, and its height was about 1.5 meters, so it seemed like a joke.

Some people laughed after hearing it, while others could not laugh while in front of the corpse.

Qiao was the one who could not laugh.

He held his pipe and took a puff, saying with a serious expression,

“When I was a police officer, I heard some rumors.

“There are strange existences in this world.”

“Strange?” Many people looked puzzled and could not help but ask.

The old village chief, Qiao, nodded and said seriously,

“Although it just a rumor, I have indeed heard of it.

“Many incredible things are actually done by strange things.

“Three years ago, there was the case of Elstan’s corpse being chopped up; five years ago, Nord’s headless corpse, and many other strange cases…

“Until now, the murderer of these cases has not been found yet. Many people say that it is done by strange things.

“It’s said that the country has a department that specializes in dealing with strange cases.”.

“However, I’ve only heard about it. There’s no evidence.”

After hearing these words, many people looked at the scarecrow with a strange expression.

“Qiao, are you saying that this scarecrow might be strange?”

Qiao nodded. His eyes were still staring at the scarecrow in front of him. “That’s right.”

At this moment, someone spoke again,

“That can’t be right. I remember that this scarecrow has been here since I was very young. Nothing has ever happened to it.”

Qiao shook his head and said, “It is precisely because it has been here for a long time that it can become strange.

“Strange things does not appear out of thin air.

“It is either an animal or an item that has been around for a long time.

“Unless there’s a special situation, there’s no way that something would become strange as soon as it was created.”

After hearing what Qiao said, many people actually believed him.

“Then, isn’t this scarecrow very dangerous? Shouldn’t we stay away from it?”

This sentence was practically what everyone was thinking.

If this scarecrow was really a monster, then wouldn’t they be waiting for death if they continued standing here?

However, Qiao said confidently,

“Don’t worry. Strange existences usually do not have any intelligence. It should be asleep now.

“Otherwise, the first person who found John would have been attacked long ago.”

After saying that, he turned around and asked,

“Who was the first to identify this body?”

Two people stood out from the crowd and raised their hands.

Qiao nodded and continued to guess,

“If I’m not wrong, if this scarecrow is really paranormal, then the necessary condition for him to wake up and hurt someone should be when there’s only one person around.”

Hearing this, many people felt relieved.

As for Flanders, although he didn’t show any reaction on the surface, he was secretly shocked.

He didn’t expect that this old village chief had made such accurate guesses.

If he had not obtained the Demon of Fear system, he would be no different from what he had said.

However, there were still people who asked worriedly,

“Qiao, what if you guessed wrong?”

Qiao shook his head and said,

“If he could really hurt people, we would have been attacked long ago. Why wait until now?”

This sentence was also agreed by many people.

Except for Flanders.

At this moment, Flanders was already sneering in his heart.

In the end, this old village chief had made a wrong guess.

He didn’t hurt people, not because he couldn’t, but because he didn’t want to.

Because, Flanders wanted to continue staying here and slowly harvest the fear of the villagers, increasing his strength bit by bit.

If he attacked now, it might cause many villagers to leave, reducing his number of targets.

Then, Flanders wouldn’t be able to obtain the most fear points.

From the looks of it, he should be able to continue staying here and proceed according to the original plan.

This was all thanks to the old village chief’s words just now.

However, after the next murder, he was afraid that he would have to move the corpse further away.

Or he could simply cut the corpse into minced meat and bury it in the ground.

It had to be said that this old village chief had helped him a lot today.

Not only had he obtained a lot of information about this world, he had also let him know how amateur his murder was.

However, just as Flanders calmed down, a talkative person could not help but say,

“Everyone, I think we should burn this scarecrow.

“If it’s really strange, we won’t be at ease here.”.

“Even if it’s not, we can still burn it.”

Hearing this person’s words, many people nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Qiao also nodded slightly and said in a deep voice,

“Indeed. Although strange things are only in legends, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”.

“If someone accidentally passes by this place in the future, it would be another unjust death.”

The villagers also agreed with this suggestion.

It was just a scarecrow. There was nothing to be reluctant about. Burning it would make people feel more at ease.

However, Flanders’s mood was very heavy at this moment.

The plan to slowly harvest fear here could no longer be carried out.

Even if it would result in his targets escaping, he still had to act immediately to resolve his current situation.

Otherwise, he would probably be burned to ashes.

After making up his mind, Flanders immediately took action.

He raised his right hand without hesitation and waved it forward.

[ Night Cut ]

In an instant, a pitch-black sickle materialized in Flanders’s hand.


The incomparably sharp black sickle cut through the crowd quickly.

In an instant, a few villagers who were closer to Flanders were cut in half by the waist.

Including Qiao.

At this moment, Qiao was still facing the crowd.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his waist.

And in the next second, his vision shifted.

No, it was not a shift.

It was his upper body falling to the ground.

Before his death, he seemed to have seen the scarecrow’s face.

It had a huge mouth and a hideous face!

[ Fear + 100]

[ Fear + 100]

[ Fear + 50]

[ Fear + 100]

Those with 100 points were all killed.

As for those with 50 points, they were alive but had witnessed the scene.

This slash had taken the quite a number of villager’s lives.

Although he had obtained a large number of fear points, Flanders’s heart ached.

His current actions were no different from killing a hen to eat an egg, where he killed the humans for temporary gains.

This was because he could have scared everyone first before killing them.

This way, he could obtain the most fear points.

But now, he had to kill some of them first.

“Strange… It really is strange! Run!”

Someone in the crowd screamed.

The others immediately reacted and were about to flee in all directions.

But in the next second, they were all stunned on the spot.

Because Flanders had activated his second skill — [ Fear ]!

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Table of Content


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