Chapter 396: Checkmate

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Rannia and Hobbek’s overlapped voice then came out.

“Surprised? I found about your Purple Flame weapons during our investigation. When you put these two for sale in the Blacksmith Organization, we paid a very high price for it. I have to admit, I’ve never seen such ability before. This Purple Flame can increase the Diamond Stars level by several stages, surpassing the limit that we could use with our cultivation. I have to thank you for that, they are going to be very useful for us during the next few years.”

If Krune wasn’t in his wisp form now, his mouth would definitely be twitching.

Sure, he did not leave any countermeasure in case someone decided to use his Purple Flame Weapons against him. If fact, Rannia and Hobbek had already checked it and knew that there was nothing left inside Krune’s Purple Weapons that could be used to control them.

Why didn’t Krune do that? Because there was no need! His Purple Flame Weapons are carrying the Purple Tribulation Lightning properties, which means that he doesn’t need anything else if he wants to command it! This is not on purpose, it is just how the things worked. As long as it was related to Light Spirit’s Tribulation Lightning, no one could use it against him. A very good example of it was when Ula tried to use her Tribulation Lightning against Krune. In the end, she simply self-destructed!

Feifei, obviously, knew about that already. Krune had told everyone in his group about his Tribulation Lightning control, so she was speechless when those weapons appeared.

In the end, Krune decided to send her a Divine Sense Message.

“Err… Let’s just… wait for them to attack first.”

Feifei nodded while trying to hide her excitement.

Both sides then touched the pillar beside the entrances, and the barrier separating them disappeared. Hobbek and Rannia didn’t waste any time. The power of the Yin and Yang Divine Souls started to gather around the Spear and Sword. Krune could feel the presence of several laws from both sides too. It was evident that those two had reached a very high level of mastery in that fusion technique.

After that, their Domain spread out together and overlapped. Feifei and Krune could see the power of Yin Yang coming from it too. Without a doubt, that was a very strong domain supported by several laws from both Hobbek and Rannia.

Swiftly, they charged forward straight at Feifei. From what they know, she is the weakest link, so it would be better to get rid of her first.

Feifei, of course, knew what they were thinking. Still, she pretended to want to dodge. Krune, too, played along and controlled his Shields to block Hobbek and Rannia.

Hobbek and Rannia were surprised that Krune could control his Shields fast enough to block their way. However, they didn’t stop. Instead, they increased the power even more. They were planning to blast Feifei and the Shields together in one strike! The reason for their confidence is evident for everyone. The difference in cultivation! They refused to believe that Krune, who is only in the 7th Stage of the Divine Soul Realm, could stop their attack.

“Yin Yang Obliteration!”

They didn’t hold back at all. With that one attack, they were sure to break through the shields and hit Feifei. Their Domain, which was also filled with the power of Yin Yang, helped to increase the strength of the attack even further. But just as the attacks of both Sword and Spear were about to hit the first Shield, something unbelievable happened!

The entire energy gathered changed direction together with the Spear and Sword! Hobbek and Rannia eyes opened wide and couldn’t believe it when their attack suddenly came in their direction instead! There was simply no time to dodge or create an energy barrier. After all, as the one holding the weapons, they couldn’t be more close to it! It was a completely point blank full power attack with no chance for a reaction!


Their fused body was sent flying! The Yin Yang and Laws’ power ravaged their insides. Both Spear and Sword were Purple Flame Weapons, which means that they surpassed others’ power at the same level by several Stars! That only contributed to making things worse.

Noticing that they would be finished if that continued, Hobbek and Rannia immediately broke their Fusion so that they could dispel the power of Yin and Yang. However, that forced split caused the energy of the separation to once again send them flying in different directions!

Feifei, who was already expecting something like that, controlled her Swords Array to attack the exact places where they would fall. Hobek and Rannia were taken aback by that. That was a completely random outcome, so how come those Swords knew exactly where they were falling?

“Illusion of Destiny Domain!”

It could show an illusion to the user and her allies of everything that would happen in the future. The closer the cultivation, the further the prediction of the Illusions. It had almost no effect on Rannia and Hobbek when they were fused, but now that they are separated, the story is completely different!

“Nine in Nine Swords Transformation First Form, Flowing Thrust!”

Five Swords went at Hobbek while another four went for Rannia. The Swords attack positions became hard to predict as they moved between each other. The main reason for it is the Water Laws that the Swords had in them, making their movements extremely fluid. One must remember that Feifei’s Flow Sub-law is also at completion here.

But that wasn’t all! Even faster than Feifei, Krune had appeared right between those two and used his own attacks. He didn’t hold back either and used one of his strongest skills.

“Heavens Fall!”

Not only that, with Krune as the center, the Rainbow Domain also descended and suppressed the already weak Yin Yang Domain. Hobbek and Rannia could totally feel the laws inside their own Domains being destroyed… or better, eaten away!

But what really shocked them was Krune’s speed. Even with their fused body, they could only at most match it, they were definitely not faster! Let alone now that the Fusion was broken.

The power of Tribulation Lightning gathered above each one of them in a split of a second before falling down! Like Feifei, they noticed that Krune also knew precisely where they would be falling.

However, Hobbek and Rannia were not Heavenly Fragment owners for nothing. They immediately gathered their Spiritual and Elemental Source energy to fight against the inertia. Like that, they would be able to avoid the hit point.

“Do you think that we will simply fall inside your attacks?”

Krune laughed.

“Yes, I do!”

Just as Hobbek and Rannia were about to dodge the attacks, they felt an extreme pressure pulling them back.

The fully comprehended Earth Sub-Law, Gravity! And to make it stronger, Krune used his Earth Essence Sub-Law to support it, which also reached completion, increasing the gravitational pull even more!

However, Hobbek and Rannia couldn’t be underestimated. In that Life and Death moment, they were still able to somehow parry part of Feifei’s Swords attack while creating an energy barrier with everything they had to block Krune’s Heavens Fall attack. One must remember that Hobbek and Rannia still have higher cultivations that Krune and Feifei, after all.

Swish! Kabrum!

Still, that didn’t mean they weren’t affected by the attacks. Some of Feifei’s Swords pierced their bodies, only avoiding fatal points. At the same time, their Energy barrier could only hold a little more than half of Heaven’s Fall attack, so they had to bear with the rest.

They knew that the situation was dire. But finally, they could see that Krune and Feifei had no more attacks coming at them… or so their Divine Sense was saying. Too bad, though. Before the battle started, Krune hid two Shields behind Feifei, which had the Tribulation Lightning Layer on them. Because of that, Hobbek and Rannia couldn’t see them at all.

Those exact two Shields, which had Krune’s will inside, were now right behind the unprotected Hobbek and Rannia’s back. Of course, they didn’t appear there by being moved. After all, they were behind Feifei before. If krune used movement to place them behind Hobbek and Rannia, their eyes would definitely catch their presence.

Krune had been holding this trump card until this very last moment.

Space Sub-Law, Displacement! That was the law that allowed Void Breaking Realm cultivators and Demon Beasts to open Spatial Gates and teleport! That was also what was used to teleport the Shields to those positions.

Krune’s Wills, which were liked to him through Divine Sense, then came out. They gathered almost the full power of the Tribulation Lightning and fed it with as much Spiritual and Elemental Source Energy as possible. Leaving behind just enough energy to keep the Shields afloat and the Tribulation Lightning Layer that hid the Shields from Divine Sense.

As for a reason for leaving behind his Wills? That is because Krune can’t use skills coming from the Shields, so that was the Wills’ job!

Hobbek and Rannia’s companions saw that from outside and were shocked! Especially the three Void Breaking Realm cultivators. After all, they are seeing the use of Space Laws even though Krune doesn’t have a Space Divine Soul. Only someone with a Space Divine Soul would be able to use Space Laws while still in the Divine Soul Realm… or so they thought.


They wanted to warn Hobbek and Rannia, but the arena was made so that literally no one would be able to do intervene.

It was a checkmate!

“Tribulation Line!”

The power of Tribulation Lightning came in a straight line directly at Hobbek and Rannia. When it was finally out of the Tribulation Layer of the Shields, those two finally noticed it with their Divine Sense. But that was too late. Not because they wouldn’t be able to react fast enough, but because they couldn’t.

Thanks to Feifei’s “Illusion of Destiny Domain,” Krune knew that they would still be able to avoid the fatal point, so he made sure to prevent that from happening.

“Space Contraction!”

His Advanced Stage Space Contraction Sub-Law showed its full power, even if it could be sustained just for a second. The two Tribulation lines pierced right through both Hobbek and Rannia’s Dantians, shattering them! The Yin and Yang Divine Souls were utterly obliterated by that as well, leaving behind just two Heavenly Fragments that seemed to have not been affected at all!

Without receiving a single injury, Feifei and Krune’s fight for the Heavenly Fragments was over.

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