Chapter 395: Fusion

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Cinty knew that Krune had decided to accept the challenge, but she was still worried about the fact that he is a Major Divine Soul Wisp. After all, wisps with a Major Divine Souls are always hunted by the Dalin Universe Management.

“No need to worry, we are teleporting directly inside the Jionin City. Besides, Hobbek and Rannia probably think that we came in here using the right methods, so it matters little since we would need to go back to our Universe Later. Not to mention that they need our Heavenly Fragments, so they can’t simply have it lost. After all, chances are that whoever came after us would not give the Heavenly Fragments to them.”

Cinty nodded.

“Since you already thought this far, then there is no need for me to stop you. The teleport formation is ready, so you can leave at any time. The right coordinates are input inside as well, which will teleport you directly there.”

Krune, Feifei, Laex, Dilo, and Xankruan were going this time. Not only them, but Cinty also had 10 Soul Forging Realm wisps following as well. Of course, this is all just for safety. Who knows if there isn’t really a trap even though it is inside a big city. As for Ruik and Tiane, Feifei asked them to take care of Fie here in the Wisp Main Word, so they were not coming.

Krune then looked at the wisps helping them this time.

“Thank you for your support.”

The oldest one, a Wisp over 150 years in the 6th Stage of the Soul Forging Realm, just laughed.

“It’s fine, we spend the majority of our time in the Time Slowing Formation, so it’s good to come out for some exercises. Besides, you are going to be the next wisp king in case Cinty fails in her breakthrough, so we need to make sure you are safe. To be honest, I would prefer that you had just stayed in the Wisp Main World. Unfortunately, the conditions of your arrival in the Dalin Universe don’t leave you with any other choice other than accepting this fight.”

Krune nodded.

“I think so too, but I don’t have any intention of being on the loser side.”

The teleport formation activated, and with a flash of silver light, everyone disappeared.

Jionin City was really one of the biggest cities in a hundred Solar Systems range. With over 60 million residents and a point of connection for several Long Distance Teleport Formations.

One of those teleport formations started to shine, and swiftly, Krune’s group appeared right above it. Everyone looked around with caution, but after checking everything with their Divine Sense, there seemed to have nothing wrong.

Krune then looked at his Communicator where the City’s arena was located, and their group started to make their way there. They took around 30 minutes to arrive. Usually, such a distance could be traversed much faster, but the City has a flying restriction. Only those at the Void Breaking Realm and above could fly inside.

Once there, Krune sent a message to Hobbek, who answered almost instantly. Krune’s Communicator flashed, after checking it, he found the right location. Hobbek and Rania were by the registering counter. For deathmatches inside the City’s arena, you need to first register for it.

Finally, Krune and Feifei saw Hobbek and Rannia. In fact, both sides knew exactly where the other was because of the resonance of the Heavenly Fragments.

“So you came. I was afraid that you wouldn’t keep your part of the deal. In that case, things would be really complicated for me to act inside the Wisp Main World.”

Krune shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, we had a reason for it, so we could only come now. It is a good thing that the last Major Divine Soul ‘coating’ hasn’t disappeared yet, so I expect that no one will intervene this time.”

Hobbek nodded while he took a glance at his Void breaking Realm companions. One of then nodded at him and said with a Divine Sense message.

“There is a Void Breaking Realm between them. It is that demon beast beside the girl called Feifei.”

Hobbek asked back.

“How strong?”

The guy pondered a bit and said.

“Extremely strong. I doubt that the three of us together would be his match. The feeling he’s giving me is that of a very strong race as well. I’m not sure, but if I had to guess, he is a Divine Beast or has a very pure bloodline.”

He wasn’t wrong. Even with his personality, Laex is, after all, a Pure Blooded Black Dragon.

Hobbek narrowed his eyes. He can’t do anything inside the City, but you never know what might happen. He couldn’t help but wonder how Krune and Feifei got the support of such a strong Demon Beast. If he knew that it was nothing more than Spirit Stones, he might think that it was a joke.

Laex, on the other hand, had noticed the other 3 Void Breaking Realm cultivators. Still, he felt nothing about them. He is already in the 8th Stage of the same realm, and with his Dragon Bloodline, very few could match him at the same level.

Suddenly, Rannia eyes lit up! Right after, she got close to Feifei while smiling. She wasn’t afraid of anyone attacking her in this place, after all.

“I see, I see! No wonder you didn’t appear during that video call last time, no wonder Krune asked half a year before coming. You became a mother! Hahaha!”

Krune and the others were surprised by that.

Rannia, on the other hand, just laughed once more.

“What with the surprised faces? I might not be a mother myself, but I’m still a woman. Once a woman gives birth for the first time, the structure of her bones changes in certain places. Besides, any idiot would be able to see the milk in her breasts with a simple Divine Sense check.”

Sure enough, everyone spread their Divine Senses and noticed that difference. As for Feifei, she didn’t mind it. There wasn’t really a reason to hide it to start with.

“So what?”

Rannia smiled back.

“I respect you a little bit more now. To think that you would get pregnant during a time like this, that is quite courageous of your side. By the way, where is the father? Did he stay behind taking care of the kid?”

Krune just replied.

“I’m right here, though.”

Rannia and Hobbek smiles disappeared and looked at Krune. After they found out about the wisps situation in the Dalin Universe, they both researched everything about them. So they also know that hybrids of wisps and other races are one of the most difficult ones to happen.

“Is this some joke?”

Krune, on the other hand, just shrugged his shoulders.

“Whether you believe me or not, that is not my problem. Anyway, we didn’t come here to talk about my relationship with Feifei or our kid. Shouldn’t we get over with it and register an arena?”

Hobbek came back to himself and nodded while smiling.

“You are correct. In fact, I don’t think that having a kid before this is a wrong idea. After all, you are probably dying today. At least, you two left a descendant before that happened.”

Krune ignored the remark and went to the counter. They applied for an arena in deathmatch mode and a concealing formation. Only those who they selected would be able to watch it while anyone else would be kept outside. Quite a lot of cultivators and demon beasts like to watch those matches, but because of Krune’s Wisp Form, he had to make sure to keep hidden. Besides, Hobbek and Rannia, too, didn’t want to be seen.

“Alright, it is arena number 317. It is quite a big one with a strong enough Protection and Concealing Formation.”

Krune and Hobbek selected it together, so neither side had any complaints. The two groups soon arrived at the right one. Krune, Feifei, Robbek, and Rannia then entered from different sides. Right after, the protection formation activated, trapping both couples inside. Following that, a concealing formation covered the arena and the spectators’ place.

Although the protection formation is already activated, the battle couldn’t start until they agreed with it. That was to prevent someone from trying something before both sides are ready to give their all. To make sure it would be like that, there is also a barrier separating both sides. That barrier will only disappear once the opponents touched a small pillar at each entrance’s side at the same time.

Seeing that, Krune returned to his wisp form and brought his Purple Flame Flying Shields out. He also had already taken complete control of Divine Soul even before coming to Jionin City, so Heavin was already sleeping to start with. Feifei did the same thing, and her nine Swords began to hover around her as well.

Hobbek and Rannia didn’t mind either one, though.

Hobbek smiled and then said.

“I can still give you guys a chance. As long as you simply give me the Heavenly Fragments, you can leave this place alive and start cultivating from zero once more.”

Krune and Feifei looked at them, puzzled.

“But we are not going to lose, so why should we do that?”

Hobbek sighed after hearing that.

“Well, I warned you. Let me show you why our Extreme Yin Yang Palace is so confident in winning one of the 5 slots of the Dalin Universe this time.”

Rannia and Hobbek smiled and held their hands together. Right after, a shocking scene played right in front of everyone. Their Yin and Yang Divine Souls came of out their bodies and started to fuse together! Not only that, but their bodies also started to shine and become one. That kind of transformation had taken everyone aback. Even Laex, who was part of a Divine beast race, opened his eyes wide! He, too, had never seen it before.

When the transformation of the body finished, the fused Divine Souls came back and entered the new body.

Hobbek had the highest cultivation before that, being at the 3rd Stage of the Soul Forging Realm. But after that weird Yin and Yang fusion, their cultivation seemed to complement each other. That made their cultivation jump straight to the 6th Stage!

Krune narrowed his eyes, seeing that. Hobbek and Rannia were almost an entire Realm above him now. They are also Heavenly Fragment owners, so they are definitely strong to start with. Besides, one can only imagine how strong the fusion of Yin and Yang can be.

Rannia and Hobbek had become one with body and mind. Even their voices seemed to be overlapped now.

“Don’t take it personally, it is common for one to hide their trump cards until the right time.”

Right after, the fused body took a Sword and a Spear from their Spatial Rings. Looking at them, anyone could see just how confident they are.

But… Krune felt like laughing at that scene. In fact, even Feifei, who was worried just a second ago, was doing her best to hold her laugh and not showing it on her face.

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