Chapter 10: Why Not Become a Vlogger in the Future?

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An hour ago, Nord city.

Most of the people in the Nord branch of the Mage Association had already gotten off work.

Except for Lucas and Kai.

“Damn it, why haven’t I been able to detect that guy’s location!”

Lucas became increasingly irritable as he kept pressing the button on the radar in his hand.

Kai, who was beside him, pushed his cigarette butt into the already-full ashtray.

“We can’t continue like this. Let’s get someone to help us.”

Hearing this, the agitated Lucas seemed to have calmed down a little. He said in a low voice, “If this gets out, there’ll be consequences.”

“It’s simple. Can’t we just keep it a secret?”

Kai reached into his coat pocket, looking for his cigarette case. However, after looking at the ashtray on the table that resembled a hedgehog, he changed his mind at the last minute and took out his phone.

“Lucas, contact your brother secretly and tell him to hurry over. I’ll play with my phone for a while.”

Lucas did not say anything about Kai’s suggestion.

Although Kai always had a casual and carefree look on his face, his mission success rates so far had been 100%!

No mission was too difficult for Kai.

Other than Kai’s strength, there was another important reason—he knew how to adapt to the situation.

Rules and common sense were useless to him.

He would always follow his own judgment and had a unique way of doing things.

After taking out his phone, Kai instinctively took out a cigarette and lit it.

After habitually exhaling a puff of smoke, he realized that he ended up smoking another cigarette after all.

“It’s so hard to quit smoking.” Kai smiled bitterly.

Ding Dong!

A notification sound rang, attracting Kai’s attention.

This was a push message from the YouTube app.

[Charlie’s game is actually real?]

Kai read the push message with a frown.

Watching the same thing from different perspectives would often lead to different attitudes regarding the same thing.

When normal people saw the video, their first reaction was not to believe it but to be curious.

They were curious about how this video blogger would attract their attention.

The people of the occult were completely different.

They knew the truth that was hidden beneath the surface of this world.

So, when people from the occult caught sight of something related to the supernatural world, they would subconsciously pay more attention to it.

Because these things were very likely to be related to weird monsters.

Without any hesitation, Kai clicked the video.

As for Lucas, he was trying to contact his good brother who was already sleeping like a dead pig in his bed.

“Charlie, are you there…”

When the video started playing, Kai’s lazy eyes suddenly grew fierce.

“Lucas, Lucas, come look at this!”

Seeing as the phone had been ringing about seven or eight times and was still not answered, Lucas ended the call and walked toward Kai unhappily.

“F*ck, my brother’s sleeping like a dead pig again! What did you want me to see?”

Kai did not care about Lucas’s complaints. He handed the phone over.

Seeing Kai’s unusual serious expression, Lucas was slightly stunned. Then, he took the phone with a serious expression and looked at it.

Soon, his expression became even more serious.

“This… In the video… Could that be the scarecrow we’re looking for?”

Kai put out his cigarette butt and revealed a determined smile.

“It might not be, but we can try.”

At the next moment, Lucas’s pupils actually dilated slightly.

He quickly pressed the pause button and handed the phone back to Kai. His eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

“There’s no need to try. It’s him!”

The scarecrow’s smile was frozen on the phone’s screen—cold and terrifying.

In the abandoned farm, Flanders’s eyes lit up slightly.

After waiting for a few hours, it finally exploded!

After letting the man and woman who were filming the video go, Flanders received more fear points, one after another.

However, it was only around 0.1-0.5 point each time.

Very little!

That was undoubtedly very frustrating.

He thought that scaring others through videos online would give him a lot of fear points.

However, it now seemed to have shrunk to 1%.

If he scared someone in person, the 0.1 fear point would be about 10 points.

Although it was frustrating, Flanders did not leave immediately.

He knew that information on the internet spread very quickly.

Even if each person could only provide 0.1 fear points, a large amount could still fill one’s stomach!

If 10,000 people were frightened, he would receive at least 1,000 fear points.

If 100,000 people were frightened, he would receive 10,000 fear points.

What if there were 1,000,000 people frightened, or even 10,000,000?

Thinking about this, Flanders actually began to look forward to it.

Sure enough, after a day of waiting, the increase in fear finally exploded.

[Fear point + 0.1]

[Fear point + 0.2]

[Fear point + 0.1]

The densely packed information appeared in Flander’s mind almost as if he was swiping at the screen.

Meanwhile, Flanders’s fear points were increasing at an extremely fast speed.

“I didn’t expect those two would actually make it to the front page.” Flanders did not know whether to laugh or cry at this moment.

Initially, he thought the video taken by those two was simply a pile of sh*t.

However, under his own whim, he decided to smile at the mirror.

It had such a miraculous effect!

“What if I became a video blogger, too? Using this way to increase my fear points is too awesome!”

Flanders could not help but think about it in his heart.

However, this was something for the future.

What he needed to do now was think about how he would upgrade these skills.

Although he had more than 10,000 fear points, it was obviously unrealistic to level up the three skills in the second level skill tree.

This was because, in the second level skill tree, it required 5,000 fear points to level up each skill from level 2 to level 3.

Leveling up three skills would require 15,000 fear points.

This amount was too large, and Flanders felt that it was unnecessary for the time being.

Thus, Flanders chose to level up the three skills on the first level to level 3—Fear, Demonic God’s Body, and Night Cut.

Disguise was upgraded as well!

The reason for upgrading this skill was because it was too easy to use.

The man and woman who were there earlier had smiled when they saw Flanders in the video, but they did not notice it at all.

This kind of camouflage ability was indeed very terrifying.

Of course, if Flanders wanted to obtain fear points, he could have made them notice it.

As long as they were within the range of his Disguise skill, whether or not the other party could notice it was controlled by his thoughts.

As for damaging skills, Flanders felt that he did not really need them for the time being.

As he gained fear points, he was also increasing the strength of his body.

In addition, he had the Fear and Disguise skills which could greatly reduce the combat strength of the enemy.

Even if someone came looking for trouble, he was confident that he could defeat the enemy.

Just as he was thinking about that, he noticed something.

Outside, it seemed that someone was approaching.

Flanders grinned and activated his disguise.

The prey was coming!

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